The Heiress’ Return & Revenge Chapter 376

The Heiress’ Return & Revenge Chapter 376

Chapter 376 The Style Has Completely Changed

Simone wasn’t surprised after she saw the geomancy association start to play dead and become unresponsive.

After all, it was completely within her expectations.

Jodie’s backer had already become accustomed to controlling everything and being arrogant.

Naturally, he wouldn’t pay much attention to public opinion.

But little did he realize that public opinion could also be a double-edged sword.

Although the geomancy association had a malicious Celestial Master who knew no limit like him, it also had responsible and skilled geomancy masters.

Simone had heard that ten years ago, two geomancy masters were tracking down an evil cultivator.

The evil cultivator used negative energy to set up a formation, intending to harm thousands of ordinary people.

In order to protect these ordinary people, the two geomancy masters ended up sacrificing themselves along with the evil cultivator.

There were many incidents like this.

Over the years, the geomancy association had also produced many masters who sacrificed themselves for justice.

So, besides targeting and triggering that mastermind, Simone’s strong stance was also hoping that the geomancy association could reorganize itself.

That way, the unproblematic geomancy masters and those masters who held justice and a sense of responsibility could have a decent platform to enhance their ability and communication to another level.

Since Jodie’s backer also chose to confront her head-on, Simone coincidentally could proceed to the next step.

Meanwhile, at the special department, Sean heard that Simone had confronted the geomancy association and voluntarily withdrew,

He went online and took a look. Then, he couldn’t help but say, “It’s a good thing my application regarding Jane’s case investigation went through. Otherwise, Simone might really cause trouble for us like this.”



After he finished the call with Simone, he immediately went to investigate Jane’s case and found something was indeed off with her death.

Therefore, he applied to investigate this matter. Yet, someone emerged and stopped him.

Because of Simone’s previous words and coupled with his own feeling that something was off, he continued with the application.

He even proactively contacted their direct superior. Finally, his application was approved.

Fortunately, luck was on their side.

A few minutes before Jane was to be cremated, they arrived at the crematorium and stopped it.

They also found a master in the department who specialized in this sector to conduct the investigation.

Indeed, Jane’s death was abnormal.

Her entire being had completely lost its vitality. It was as if her life force had been drained away before the suicide.

As for luck, since Jane was already dead, it was impossible to determine if someone had sucked it all out.

Sitting across from him, Skyler smiled and said, “Be confident and eliminate the possibilities. Simone can confront the geomancy association so boldly, so naturally, we can also confront them head-on. But there is indeed something significantly off with Jane’s death. Simone’s report was right.”

He discovered that Simone had been restraining herself previously, fearing the mastermind.

At least she didn’t appear to attack that old man directly. Instead, she confronted him step by step.

But now, her retaliating style has completely changed. She takes another path and challenges the old man boldly.

It’s as if she suddenly has something to rely on and the confidence to do so.

That’s why she charges straight at him, trying to force him to show himself.

Nevertheless, Simone’s change suddenly made him see the dawn.

Hence, he undoubtedly strongly supported her.

Sean nodded. “Simone is indeed right. It’s just that we’re now stuck in a deadlock in the





He frowned and sighed. “I don’t know how to break through and continue the investigation.”

Just then, Skyler suggested, “You can ask for Simone’s opinion. Moreover, haven’t you and our superior always wanted Simone to join the special department? I think now is the opportunity. She quit the geomancy association and wants to confront certain masters, so it’s the perfect timing for her to join our department and show off her skills. If she joins our department, she can also investigate Jane’s case.”

Simone wanted to confront the person behind the scenes, so joining the special department was perfect.

There were two factions in the special department-one that strongly supported a certain master in the geomancy association and one that had long wanted to rectify the situation.

Sean and Skyler’s teams belonged to the second faction.

After continuous applications and various struggles, they finally could investigate Jane’s case.

Moreover, Skyler felt that it was probably part of Simone’s plan to call Sean to intervene in this matter.

Sean’s eyes brightened when he heard Skyler’s words. “You know what. It really is an opportunity. Even though we work with the geomancy association, we are not their subordinates. We are certainly not afraid of certain people. I’ll call Simone right away.”

He, too, had long been fed up with certain masters, feeling they

with certain masters, feeling they were just seeking fame and reputation.

These geomancy masters always carry a sense of superiority when we confront them.

They often refuse to cooperate and even obstruct our investigations. It’s extremely annoying.

Thus, he took the initiative to dial Simone’s phone number.

Soon, Simone answered, “Mr. Stanley, do you have any results on Jane’s case?”

Sean smiled bitterly. “Not yet. We have encountered a problem now. If we can’t break through it, it will be difficult to continue the investigation. So, I wanted to ask if you could give me some advice.”

Simone wasn’t surprised that they were stuck.

After all, that mastermind had always been cautious. He and Jonas should have taken care of the aftermath of Jane’s death.

“Tell me where exactly you are stuck,” she said.

If truth be told, she asked Sean to investigate Jane’s case for another purpose.

She wanted to probe whether the personnel in the special department were really all problematic.

Now, it seemed to her that not all were problematic.

In fact, these unproblematic ones were highly likely combating the problematic ones. Otherwise, Sean’s application to investigate Jane’s case wouldn’t have gotten approved.

“We checked the surveillance and found that Jane hadn’t left the house for several days before the so-called suicide. No one came to visit her either. Furthermore, there were no traces of any spell being used in her house. So, the leads have run dry,” Sean explained.

Then, he added helplessly, “It seems like the culprit had deliberately cleaned up all the traces that would have been left behind. We don’t know where to start or how to investigate

After hearing this, Simone didn’t believe Jane hadn’t left the house.

In her opinion, it was very likely that someone took her away, but they erased the traces of her leaving.

She thought for a moment before saying, “Can I take a look at the surveillance footage you have?” If there were any tampering, she would be able to detect it.

She believed that the surveillance footage should be the crucial breakthrough.

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