I Quit Mr. Shaffer Chapter 40

I Quit Mr. Shaffer Chapter 40

Chapter 40

Dariel left Isabella for dead and left with the doctor

and Selena, though the latter was reluctant to go.

The former was more than happy to leave this

mess to Isabella.

And then there were two. Isabella stood beside the

bed. She could see Seth’s face clearly but could tell

he was far from in the best of moods. She was a

little scared. I really shouldn’t have opened my big

mouth just now.

Chapter 40 Your Money Baises My Standand

“I thought you were a talker.” Seth opened his eyes


a little. Even with his back turned to her, he mocked,

“So, why aren’t you talking?”

Isabella gulped and sidled away. “I was just a little

nervous. I didn’t mean to offend you.”

Seth snorted before mumbling weakly, “I thought

you’d start creating chaos now that you have

Gordon on your side.”

Isabella clenched her fists and looked away. Then,

she said calmly, “We’re just friends. We’re not


Seth said nothing, and silence fell upon them.

Isabella glanced at him. He’s probably tired. He

won’t have enough strength to argue with me if

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Chapter 40 Your Money Raises My Standard

that’s the case. She heaved a sigh of relief and

scanned the room. She then approached the

closet and took two blankets out. One was for her

because she would be sleeping on the couch, while

the other was for Seth.

Seth was lying on his side, curled up. His actions

were perhaps because of the pain. His hair covered

half of his face, and he looked a lot less gloomy. If

anything, he looked pitiful. So, her guard went down

a little as she approached him while holding the

blanket, gently covering him.

Isabella wondered if she should remind him that

Selena was actually an evil, scheming b*tch. She

pulled the blanket open, and it fell on his waist. Her

hand brushed across the back of his hand.

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Chapter 40 Your Money Raises My Standard

She didn’t realize he’d opened his eyes. The

moment she looked up, she was met with his gaze.

“Mr. Shaffer?”

He grabbed her wrist and pulled her onto the bed.

Isabella couldn’t believe he had the strength to do

this after that entire mango ordeal. Even so, she

didn’t dare fight him. If something were to happen

to him, she’d be dead.

Seth leaned closer and covered her under the

blanket. He rested his head on his shoulder,

breathing heavily. Isabella had no idea what he

wanted to do, but she didn’t dare move a muscle.

“Do you know what Gordon did in his past?”

whispered Seth, his breath tickling Isabella’s ears.

Chapter 40 Your Money Raises My Standard

Isabella turned away. She was curious but

stubbornly said, “I don’t care about anyone’s


Seth chuckled, his laugh was a little monotonous.

Then, he slowly elaborated, “There was a case of

rape in March last year.”

She tensed up. She was in utter disbelief and held

her breath as Seth told her about the story.


Seth stopped on purpose. He noticed she looked

nervous and continued, “Gordon was involved. As a

matter of fact, he was arrested for more than a

month, but his father bribed his way through and

got him out.”

She was shocked. She’d seen the file for Xavier-

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Chapter 40 Your Money Raises My Standard



Dunkstein, but it was perfect. If his son was involved

in a rape case, there was no way there wouldn’t be

anything in black and white. “And?” She snapped

out of it and met Seth’s gaze. “What was the court’s


His hands were right beside her. He pushed himself

up and stared at her. A while later, he said softly,

“The victim took the money and pulled out of the


She fell silent. That kind of stuff basically means the

case did happen. She had a good eye for people,

and Gordon didn’t seem like a rapist. “Get up. I’m

sleeping on the couch,” she changed the subject

and pushed Seth away, but he didn’t budge. It was

as clear as day that he wasn’t going to let her go.

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Chapter 40 Your Money Raises My Standard

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Seth held her arms and stared at her. “So, you’re

not going to turn back until it’s too late?”

Isabella was miffed. Still, she said patiently, “We’re


just friends. Even if he is a criminal, that has nothing

to do with me.”

“He wants to f*ck you,” said Seth, deadpan.

She pulled her hand back and calmly retorted,

“Honestly, I think I’m not half–bad looking.”

He snorted disdainfully as though he knew she

would say that. “So, you realize you have an


“I mean, I know that there are people who are more

than willing to f*ck me, given my looks, but not

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Chapter 40 Your Money Rane Aly Standant

everyone gets that chance.” She looked at him with

piercing eyes. Seth frowned, and she took the

opening to pull his arms away, then she promptly

rolled away from his territory.

Her sudden escape upset him further. “Isabella.”

“I know what you’re talking about.” Isabella pulled

her hair and turned to the side. “You don’t want

anyone to use the things you’ve used before.

Because it disgusts you.”

He pursed his lips. He didn’t deny it.

She took a deep breath before she said resolutely,

“Don’t worry. I’ve taken a lot of money for you. My

standards for men are impossible. I won’t sleep

with anyone that easily.” Then, she got out of bed.

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Chapter 40 Your Money Raises My Standard

“I’m sleeping on the couch. You should get some


Seth didn’t look at her. He didn’t even want to tell

her to scram.

Isabella looked impassive the entire time. She

dragged herself to the lounge and turned most of

the lights, then she slithered into the blanket.


There was only a dim light illuminating the place.

Sleeping on the couch meant no one could see her.

So, she buried her face in the blanket and cried. No

one would know that, of course. She couldn’t even

so much as sniffle since that would out her, and

she definitely didn’t want him to know that she was

vulnerable. So, it did somewhat undercut the whole

experience for her.

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I Quit, Mr. Shaffer (Isabella Symons )

I Quit, Mr. Shaffer (Isabella Symons )

Score 9.9
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 12/20/2023 Native Language: English
"I Quit, Mr. Shaffer" by Isabella Symons is a compelling novel that explores the complexities of modern life, relationships, and self-discovery. Symons weaves a thought-provoking narrative, delving into the emotional intricacies of a character's decision to resign and the ensuing journey of personal transformation.  

I Quit, Mr. Shaffer (Isabella Symons )


Detail Novel

Title: I Quit, Mr. Shaffer (Isabella Symons )
Publisher: Proinfox
Ratings: 9.3 (Very Good)
Genre: Romance, Billionaire
Language: English
  Read I Quit, Mr. Shaffer (Isabella Symons )/ Review 
Chapter 1 Mistress for Five Years
Isabella Symons frowned as she awoke from a restless dream and turned over uncomfortably. As she moved, she suddenly realized there was someone else beside her. She clenched her teeth and reached for the bedside lamp, which, when turned on, caused the man next to her to exhale in frustration.
The dim light revealed the man's naked back, casting intriguing shadows on his well-defined profile.
She got out of bed and tiptoed to the closer to change clothes before returning to the bed. She touched the man's back and said, "Mr. Shaffer, it's 6.06AM. You have a meeting at 7.30AM."
I Quit, Mr. Shaffer" by Isabella Symons is a compelling narrative that delves into the life-altering decision of the protagonist, exploring themes of self-discovery, resilience, and the pursuit of personal fulfillment. The story revolves around a character named Mr. Shaffer, who decides to quit something significant in his life, sparking a journey of introspection and transformation. Isabella Symons skillfully weaves a tale that not only captures the complexities of Mr. Shaffer's emotional landscape but also resonates with universal themes of human experience. The narrative unfolds as Mr. Shaffer confronts the challenges and uncertainties associated with his decision, taking readers on a poignant exploration of the human psyche. The title, "I Quit, Mr. Shaffer," sets the tone for a narrative that goes beyond a mere resignation. It becomes a powerful statement of reclaiming agency and embracing change. As Mr. Shaffer grapples with the consequences of his choice, readers are invited to reflect on their own lives, pondering the significance of decisions that shape one's destiny. Symons employs evocative language and nuanced storytelling to convey the emotional depth of the protagonist's journey. The reader is drawn into Mr. Shaffer's world, experiencing the highs and lows of his quest for meaning. The narrative unfolds with a sense of suspense and revelation, keeping the audience engaged until the final resolution. In essence, "I Quit, Mr. Shaffer" is a captivating exploration of the human condition, skillfully crafted to resonate with readers on a personal level. Isabella Symons invites us to contemplate the courage it takes to confront one's own choices and the transformative power that lies in embracing the unknown.


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