Read See You Never Mr. Lamont by Coral Chapter 275

Read See You Never Mr. Lamont by Coral Chapter 275

Chapter 275 Come Home Earlier 

Seeing this scene, Claudia’s lips curled up coldly: “What does Mr. Fleming want to do? Play kidnapping?” 

Axton chuckled, “I heard you had a bout of prenatal discomfort before. We have an old traditional doctor in our family who is good at dealing with such matters. You can stay here for a few days, and if you need anything, you can talk to the butler.” 

Hearing this, there was no doubt left in Claudia’s mind. This Axton had no intention of letting her go. 

If she had stayed here, whether the child would be kept or aborted was unknown. She could imagine that if the child didn’t take the surname Fleming, Axton might have kept her here indefinitely 

“Don’t bother, Mr. Fleming, I’m not used to staying at other people’s homes.” She glanced coldly at the bodyguards, her eyebrows furrowed. 

There were seven or eight bodyguards, each one strong and robust. These men stood in front of her, asserting their dominance without leaving a single gap. 

Axton’s face was pale as he said to the bodyguards, “Take Ms. Friedan to the second floor and call Dr. Tang to come and see her.” 

Claudia’s heart skipped a beat, she called for a doctor, was this 


intending to deliver the baby right here? 

Knowing what she was thinking, a hint of cruelty appeared on Axton’s stern face: “Ms. Friedan, you have one more chance to choose. Will the child bear the surname Fleming or Lamont? It’s all up to you.” 

Claudia held her breath. 

She believed that if she said her child’s surname was Lamont now, Axton’s next step would be to get rid of her child. 

She had considered Axton’s methods, but she never thought he would be so cruel. 

The child was not even three months old, yet he had killed indiscriminately over a surname. 

Suddenly, the door was slammed open with a bang, a man walked in against the light, the sunlight was dazzling, slowly revealing a tall figure. 

The sunlight hit his face, casting a harsh light. His thin lips were tightly pressed into a line, and his jawline was as perfectly chiseled as if it had been cut with a knife. 

Upon seeing the scene inside the house, Edmond’s face turned slightly pale. He quickly moved to Claudia’s side in a few strides, shielding her behind him. His gloomy eyes were tinged with a hint of anger, “Grandfather, what are you doing?” 

So many bodyguards appeared here, the purpose was obvious. 

Thinking of the consequences of his late arrival, Edmond trembled slightly as he held Claudia’s arm. 

He was supposed to meet Tristen, but due to his concern for Claudia, he ventured out despite his injuries. 

He knew his grandfather’s temperament, for the Fleming family, he could do anything. 

Seeing Edmond so protective of Claudia, Axton’s face darkened: “I just wanted Dr. Tang to take a look at her and have her stay here for a few days. Why are you so protective of her? Don’t forget she has nothing to do with you now.” 

If he was Magnus, the current Claudia indeed had nothing to do with him. 

He glanced back at Claudia, her face was resolute, showing no signs of fear. Seeing him look at her, she silently turned her face away. 

Edmond pursed his lips, addressing Axton, “She’s not accustomed to staying at other people’s homes. She will handle the child’s matter and go to the hospital herself. There’s no need for you to trouble yourself.” 

After speaking, he lifted his chin towards the door, “It’s getting dark, you should go home early.” 

Seeing him protect her, Claudia didn’t show anything on her face, but her heart was filled with mixed feelings. 

Looking at his tall figure, my nose inexplicably felt sour. 

She had imagined this scene many times before, but she didn’t expect it to come true only after her divorce. 

She bypassed the bodyguard and headed towards the door. 

Step by step, there was no turning back. 

Axton wanted to intervene again, but Edmond spoke up once more, his voice chillingly cold: “If Grandfather can’t respect her, then I don’t need to respect you either.” 

Axton shuddered. 

Disrespecting him meant that he would not acknowledge Magnus’s identity. 

As an elderly person who had lost their only child, the most important thing was the continuation of the bloodline. 

Between his great-grandson and grandson, he immediately made a choice as to who was more important. 

Forget it, Seraphina refused to let this child have the surname Fleming. 

The second, the third child couldn’t possibly still have the surname Lamont. 

He looked at his stubborn grandson and sighed deeply. 

This child was deeply infatuated, refusing to go on blind dates or interact with other women, determined to grow old with this Seraphina. Unfortunately, Seraphina had no intention of remarrying. 

I asked her, “Reconciliation is almost impossible for you two. If you want to be with her, you can only marry her as Magnus.” 

Edmond’s eyes darkened, “Thank you, Grandfather. Before that, I hope you won’t interfere in our affairs. Also, stop trying to find a wife for that fool Zyon. Even if he must marry, don’t target her family.” 

He knew that for many years, she had always felt that she had a thin bond with her family. Once she felt the warmth of familial love, she would protect it with her life. She was kind-hearted and protective. 

Repeatedly warned by his own grandson, Axton’s dignity could no longer be maintained: “What kind of attitude is this? I’m doing this for your own good. Your brother may be foolish, but he also has the right to carry on the family line. We can’t deprive him of the possibility of starting a family. That Arianna is outstanding and gentle in character. After looking around, I think she is the most suitable…” 

“Any good and excellent person is suitable,” Edmond interrupted him, “but not everyone is worthy. You’re harming her by letting her marry Zyon. She lacks nothing, yet you’re burdening her with a foolish 

husband for no reason. If Arianna were your granddaughter, would you agree to her marrying such a man?” 

All words were choked off by Axton, his face turning from pale to blue in anger, “Zyon is also your brother…” 

“What kind of brother is a half-brother from the same father?” 

Edmond’s eyes were cold, and he spoke without any consideration for feelings. 

Without looking at Axton’s expression, he turned around and strode out the door. 

Claudia sat in the car, the window open, the wind blowing her black hair wildly. 

The car window was closed by a hand, the wind stilled. 

“It’s cold.” Pedro handed her a hot water bottle, “Take good care of yourself during pregnancy, so your health won’t suffer in the future.” 

Looking at the hot water bottle in her hand, Claudia was speechless. 

The moment Axton called for the bodyguard, she also sent a message to Pedro. Even if Edmond didn’t come over today, she could find a way to leave. 

The child in her womb was an accident, but also a life. Since he had managed to survive so tenaciously, no one had any reason to take his 

life away. 

Thinking that it was Edmond who had helped her in the end, the heart that Claudia had let down slowly lifted again. 

When he faked his death, she could treat him with indifference. But when she found out he was alive, she didn’t know how to interact with 


Thinking of the scene where he was protecting her and confronting Axton, her feelings were mixed. 

She knew, he was trying to apologize through his actions. 

“Right, I just got the news…” Pedro trailed off, a few strands of sorrow welling up in his beautiful, attractive eyes, “Tristen committed suicide.” 

Claudia paused, “When did this happen?” 

“Five minutes ago.” Pedro handed her the tablet, in which was a video of Tristen’s suicide, bloody and eye-catching. 

Watching the scene in the surveillance, Claudia’s heart suddenly pounded. 

Perhaps fearing it would upset her, Pedro took the tablet back. 


Claudia stared blankly at her own hand. 

Tristen had actually died. 

But this time, death was different from what was expected. There was no kindness this time. Tristen committed suicide with resentment 

towards others. 

It was said that he sent a message to Edmond before his death, but Edmond did not go. 

Upon hearing this, Claudia’s heart clenched tightly. 

Edmond didn’t go, because he came to save her. 

“Did Edmond know about this?” She asked without reason. 

Pedro looked at her deeply, “Do you regret it?” 

“You still wanted to remarry him, right?” 

Read See You Never, Mr. Lamont by Coral

Read See You Never, Mr. Lamont by Coral

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See You Never, Mr. Lamont" is a novel by Coral. It's a story of defiance and independence as it follows the protagonist, Mr. Lamont, who decides to leave his old life behind, bidding farewell to the familiar and embracing a new beginning with a strong sense of determination and finality.   Description of Novels”Read See You Never, Mr. Lamont by Coral Novel  
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Chapter 1 She’s Gone “Mrs. Lamont, you’ve been waiting for hours. I’m afraid that Mr. Lamont won’t come back tonight.” “It’s OK. I’ll wait for a little longer.” Claudia Lloyd had married Edmond Lamont for three years
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  • Character-driven Story: The novel revolves around the character of Mr. Lamont.
  • Defiance and Independence: Mr. Lamont's journey symbolizes a spirit of rebellion and a quest for personal freedom.
  • Life Transformation: He makes a radical decision to abandon his old life.
  • Farewell to the Familiar: The title "See You Never" suggests a definitive departure, leaving behind the known and comfortable.
  • New Beginning: Mr. Lamont is determined to start anew.
  • Sense of Finality: The story conveys a strong sense of closure and decisiveness.
  • Author, Coral: The book is written by an author named Coral, known for her unique storytelling.
  • Exploration of Emotions: The narrative likely explores the emotional and psychological aspects of Mr. Lamont's journey.
  • Themes of Self-Discovery: It may touch upon themes of self-discovery, reinvention, and the human spirit.
  • Narrative Style: The novel's writing style and tone are essential aspects that contribute to its impact.
  • Reader Engagement: Readers may be drawn to the character's journey and the underlying themes of the novel.
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