The Billionaire’s CEO’s Runaway Wife Chapter 37

The Billionaire’s CEO’s Runaway Wife Chapter 37

Chapter 37

Lucas sighed as they rode the elevator upward. It had been a roller coaster of a weekend and though he wanted nothing more than to stay home another day with Sarah and Zoe he had work to catch up on. He was back in the office but his entire perspective was changed. Certainly Alan must have felt it too. 

That morning he woke up to giggles and saw Zoe’s face peering at him from the edge of his bed. Her hazel eyes sparkled as she gazed at him waiting for him to wake up. 

“Morning daddy,” Zoe said. “Ulima says breakfast is almost ready so you better get up or I get to eat yours.” 

Even now her smile and playful threat echoed in his mind. Lucas was not a morning person but he wouldn’t mind if all his mornings started like that. In fact, he wouldn’t mind breakfast every day if it meant he could spend time with Zoe and Sarah first thing in the morning. Sarah was still trying to ignore him but every now and again her expression softened as Lucas and Zoe joked around the table making silly faces. 

Never in his life did Lucas think he would enjoy such a bizarre pass time but it seemed to come naturally. Anything that made the three-year-old laugh was worth it. But it was strange. 

He only met Zoe two days ago yet she was firmly in his mind and heart. Was it natural to feel such an immediate connection? To want to spend every waking moment in their company? 

When he said he had to work today Zoe was disappointed. His mind started racing with every possible excuse he might use to avoid leaving but Alan was quick to point out they were now two days behind. Lucas 

asked Sarah about their plans hoping perhaps they could meet after lunch only to receive the vague answer, just sight-seeing. He wanted to ask for specifics but didn’t want to push Sarah too hard. 

Like it or not he had to take it slow. When he asked her to be careful and call if she needed anything Sarah 

actually smiled and nodded. It was a hesitant smile, almost shy, but it sent his heart racing. 

Baby steps. 

“Alan you’ve read all of the Rosemary books right?” Lucas suddenly asked. 


“What happens in them?” 

“Oh, well Rosemary investigates and solves crimes. The first book was as sort of murder mystery.” 


“Yeah, you see this homeless man was found in the school’s boiler room that Rosemary happened to be -working in. So she investigated the murder and uncovered this whole smuggling ring,” Alan said. 

“And how does she do that?” 

“By contacting the bum’s spirit. She’s a medium. And the spirit, Harold, forms a spiritual attachment to her so he keeps popping up at different moments to warn her when there is danger or if she’s close to an important 


“So…he talks to her?” 

“Yes and no. He can’t communicate unless she’s using the Ouija Board but he’s kind of a poltergeist so he moves objects to get her attention. Oh! In Blackberry Spirits Rosemary was trapped in a basement. The bad guys locked her in and set the house on fire to cover up evidence and get rid of her. Harold turned the lock on the cellar door so she could get out and save the evidence.” 

Seriously? Lucas frowned. Why would Silas think the books were autobiographical? Was he joking? What was he missing? 

There was no denying Rosemary mirrored Sarah. They both had daughters and it seemed Sarah used her own adventures as fodder for Rosemary’s. But there were still so many differences. 

“What about Rosemary’s family?” 

“Oh, well, her father was a drifter. He left before she was born and never met her. Her mother passed away from cancer when she was twelve and her aunt raised her. Her aunt is also a medium and taught Rosemary how to control her gifts.” 



That also didn’t track. Lucas knew full well Sarah lost her mother when she was young but her father and brother were very much alive. Why then did she treat them as if they didn’t exist? Sarah hadn’t asked about 

her brother once and she knew full well he still worked for Stanton Inc. Though Zoe had no issue calling Alan and Silas uncle she hadn’t once asked about her actual uncle. Perhaps Sarah never mentioned her family. But why? 

Reaching the top floor the elevator doors opened but Lucas didn’t step off. Instead he hit the door close 

button and selected a new floor much to Alan’s surprise. Even more surprising was the floor selected. He had 

a feeling he knew exactly where Lucas was going. 

Once the doors opened again Lucas stepped off and marched through the maze of offices. The few people 

wandering the halls came to immediate halts surprised to see their boss as Lucas wasn’t known to visit in 

person. Usually Alan was sent in his stead. They watched nervously as Lucas proceeded to the office of the 

head of their department: Samuel Tomlinson. 

Entering without knocking Lucas seated himself in one of the chairs at the desk. Samuel didn’t immediately 

acknowledge him as he stared at the lines of code on his computer screen reflected in his glasses. Lucas 

used the quiet moment to observe. 

Samuel Tomlinson was a man of average height but thin and lanky making him look taller than he actually 

was. Unlike Sarah who had a healthy glow he was pale and languid from lack of exposure to the sun and 

fresh air. One would never guess they were brother and sister let alone twins. 

Typing on the computer Samuel fixed a final line of code before acknowledging his visitors, “Can I help 


Lucas almost smiled at his callous attitude. Hardly a day went by that he didn’t have to field complaints 


about Samuel’s attitude. He had a knack for rubbing people the wrong way as he often, rightly or wrongly, assumed he was the smartest man in the room. 

“I wanted to ask you some questions about your sister.” 

Samuel finally looked at Lucas giving him undivided attention, “Why? You are her husband shouldn’t you know everything about her?” 



“Ex-husband,” Lucas frowned hating that he had to say it.. 

“Oh.” Samuel shrugged. It wasn’t any business of his. 

“Do you not talk to your sister…at all? I thought twins were supposed to be close.” 

“We were, when we were little,” Samuel acknowledged. 

“What happened?” 

The Billionaire’s CEO’s Runaway Wife

The Billionaire’s CEO’s Runaway Wife

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