The Regrettable Divorce by Isabel Eliot Chapter 5

The Regrettable Divorce by Isabel Eliot Chapter 5

Chapter 5 Leave Her Out Of This

Out of politeness, Isabella could only greet them politely with a smile.

Melanie came over and sat down beside her. “Bella, don’t be sad for that jerk. Let’s get drunk tonight!”

“That’s right! You have to make Octavian know that you have many suitors after leaving him, okay?” Sophia walked over too and handed her a glass of wine.

Isabella suddenly had a bad feeling about their words.

As soon as Octavian arrived at the club, he was pulled aside by Augustus Lancaster. “What’s the matter?” Octavian asked.

“Miss Ashbourne booked Room 888 tonight. Do you know who’s here?” Augustus was one of the club’s partners. Of course, Octavian owned the club.

“I’m not close to her.” Octavian never bothered to be acquainted with Isabella’s friends.

Augustus squinted at him and asked, “Are you close to Isabella then?”

“She’s here too?” He was surprised. In his impression, Isabella was a good girl who would never go to a club.

“Tave, are you sure you want to divorce her?” Augustus asked.

“We’ve already signed the divorce agreement. How could I not be sure?” Octavian leaned against the wall, lit a cigarette, and smoked. The smoke blurred his thoughts.

“You wouldn’t object to me pursuing her then?” Augustus almost didn’t recognize Isabella when he saw her just now. She looked so stunning.

In the past, Isabella was always gentle and sweet, but tonight, she was dressed in a red dress, showing off her good figure and looking sexy and charming. The sight was enough to leave any man drooling!

“Are you out of women? She’s just a vain woman. Are you sure you want to pursue her?” Octavian frowned and his face darkened slightly.

“So what? What’s wrong with spending some money on a woman? I’m happy to do so!” In addition to money, he also had a lot of women.

It was normal for people to spend money to entertain themselves.

“She is not a woman you can fool around with at will!” When Octavian heard that Augustus wanted to pursue Isabella, he felt a little irritated.

“Tave, I’m serious this time!” Augustus looked serious. He had never been so serious before!

“We haven’t gotten the divorce certificate yet. You’d better not have any ideas about her!” Octavian said lightly.

Augustus was surprised. “You don’t want a divorce, do you?”

With how charming Isabella was, it didn’t seem strange for Octavian to regret divorcing her.

What a pity!

“Mind your own business!” Octavian was just too busy to get a divorce certificate. Marrying her was a mistake, so getting a divorce was inevitable.

“Actually, if I don’t hurry up, I won’t have a chance! With the roomful of men there, tsk…” As soon as Augustus finished speaking, he saw Octavian striding toward Room 888.

Meanwhile, in the private room, Isabella was holding a glass of wine with a smile on her face. The man next to her was Magnus Wellington, the second son of the Wellingtons, who was also a business partner in this charity auction.

“Miss Silverbrook’s painting is truly amazing. I wonder if you are interested in joining my company?” Magnus happened to be with Maximillian today and saw the painting that Sophia had sent Maximillian.

He also learned that Sophia had an appointment with Isabella in the club in the evening, so he volunteered to come.

“Mr. Wellington, I don’t have such plans yet.” Isabella refused directly. Painting was just one of her hobbies. She didn’t intend to make it her main career.

“It doesn’t matter. If you change your mind one day, I’ll welcome you at any time.” Magnus flashed her a smile. Today, he finally saw another side of Isabella. In the past, he had only met Isabella when she accompanied Octavian at dinner parties, looking like a gentle and sweet wife. She had always been silent, like a canary who had been spoiled.

Tonight, she was soft, sexy, beautiful, and talented. With the red dress she was wearing, she looked sexy and charming. No woman had ever attracted him as she did.

“I’m afraid you will be disappointed then.” Isabella smiled at him.

Just then, the door of the private room was pushed open forcefully. Octavian’s handsome face was gloomy as he saw Isabella smiling sweetly at Magnus. They were even clinking their glasses lightly and looking quite intimate.

The scene irritated him.

Isabella raised her head and met a pair of deep and bottomless brown eyes. Oh! What a coincidence!

As soon as Octavian entered the private room, his powerful presence froze the air in the room.

“Isabella!” His cold voice was filled with anger.

“Mr. Stormcrest, what a coincidence. Are you here to have a drink with Miss Crimson?” Isabella looked up and met his eyes. The love in her eyes had disappeared.

Now, she only wanted to distance herself from him.

Octavian grabbed her wrist and pulled her up. “Come with me!”

“Mr. Stormcrest…” Isabella pulled her hand free. “If you want to stay for a drink, you’re more than welcome to. But if there is nothing else, please leave!”

She had made herself clear. There were already many men in this private room, and he was welcome to become one of the many. However, it was impossible for him to take her away!

Octavian pulled her up again with a livid expression on his face.

“Mr. Stormcrest, Miss Silverbrook doesn’t want to go with you, so don’t force her.” Magnus stood up and stepped forward to stop him.

“Miss Silverbrook?” Octavian snorted, and his eyes were filled with coldness.

“Mr. Wellington, what is between my wife and I is none of your business!” Octavian said arrogantly as he did not care about Magnus at all.

Magnus smiled faintly. “Mrs. Stormcrest and I were just negotiating a collaboration. Mr. Stormcrest, you’re too nervous. Besides, women are supposed to be cherished, not hurt.”

Naturally, Octavian understood the meaning behind his words.

Octavian smiled and put his long arms around Isabella’s waist to declare his intimacy with her. He leaned over to her and said in a low and magnetic voice, “Mrs. Stormcrest, can you come out with me now?”

Before Isabella could respond, he was already leading her out of the private room. With the heavy sound of the door closing, the noise in the private room was muffled.

“What the hell are you trying to do, Octavian?” Isabella struggled out of his arms. Her beautiful eyes were full of anger.

“That’s what I should be asking you, right?” Octavian asked with a hint of coldness in his eyes.

“Isabella, are you so desperate to find yourself a new husband? Don’t forget that we haven’t gotten our divorce certificate yet, and you’re still Mrs. Stormcrest now! Don’t do anything that will disgrace the Stormcrests!” Whenever he thought of how Isabella had been chatting and laughing with Magnus just now, he felt a surge of anger.

“Mr. Stormcrest, you have double standards, don’t you? I was just chatting with Mr. Wellington, how could I embarrass the Stormcrests? When you and Miss Vespera entered the hotel together, why didn’t you stop to consider if you were embarrassing the Stormcrests or not.” Isabella smiled brightly.

“You…” Octavian was furious. Isabella, who had once been submissive in front of him, now dared to talk back to him!

“Mr. Stormcrest, since you are so afraid that I will disgrace the Stormcrests, please make time for the divorce procedures at the Department of Civil Affairs as soon as possible!” After saying that, Isabella walked toward the private room.

As soon as her hand touched the doorknob, a heavy force pulled her back again and she fell into Octavian’s arms.


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