A Divorce After My Rebirth Complete Chapter 198

A Divorce After My Rebirth Complete Chapter 198

Chapter 198 Chaos 

The comforting aura emanating from the man always unconsciously made Natalie feel at ease. At some point, she drifted into a deep sleep in the passenger seat

Upon arriving at their destination, Irwin looked at Natalie’s peaceful sleeping face. Subconsciously, he traced the contours of her face. Her face was indeed small

Just then, his phone vibrated. The notification sound from the headlines app prompted Irwin to take out his phone. As he turned off the silent mode, a storm flashed through his eyes as he saw the contents of 

the notification

He glanced at the sleeping Natalie, got out of the car, and gently closed the door. He made a call behind the car. The call was quickly answered


I don’t want to see today’s news again,Irwin said

Are you referring to Ms. WalkerThe person on the other end of the line hesitated for a moment, then 


Recently, Irwin and Natalie had been getting closer. When the close relationship between Natalie and him was exposed before, he hadn’t reacted this way

So, was he protecting her now

When he figured this out, the person on the other end of the phone didn’t dare to continue asking

Instead, he hurriedly said, I’ll handle it right away!” 

He hung up the phone. A cold gleam flashed in Irwin’s eyes. It seemed that the relationship between 

Cedric and Natalie was not as easily concluded

He had seen Natalie’s attitude, but on Cedric’s side

Just after hanging up the call with his assistant, his phone rang again

Irwin checked andit turned out to be him?! 

Iran’s lips curled into a smile. He answered, and Cedric’s voice came through before Irwin could speak 

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Irwin’s tone was arrogant and blunt, lacking the gentleness he had in front of Natalie

On the other end, Cedric huffed angrily before he continued, Irwin, I don’t want any business dealings 

between us.” 

Neither do 1.” 

In that case, don’t interfere in the matters between Natalie and me!” 

Irwin remained silent

At this, a chilly atmosphere filled the air

I haven’t settled the accounts with you for what happened abroad. And here you are, giving me

warning?Irwin asked

“You could say that.” 

In that case, let 

e tell you today- interfere all I want in Natalie’s affairs!” 

Irwin showed no signs of yielding in the face of Cedric’s warning. The man could give all the warnings he wanted, but Irwin would remain steadfast in his stance

Will the Frazier family allow that?Cedric sneered at Irwin’s words

The Frazier family

That was something Irwin least wanted to face. It was a family with distinct social classes, like

complex and tangled web that was difficult to unravel

Irwin, she’s my wife! Do you think the Frazier family will let you interfere in our affairs?” 

Cedric’s voice had a hint of warning in it

She’s no longer your wife. It seems you haven’t grasped that fact!” 

In that case. Cedric didn’t continue his sentence, but the implication was clear

He had deliberately called Irwin because Cedric was considering the influence of the Frazier family

However, Irwin was an independent man who stood at the pinnacle by his own strength

How could he tolerate Cedric’s provocation


that although Cedric claimed Natalie as his wife, his attitude clearly reveali 


Irwin didn’t know what had happened between them, but he understoodCedric was serious this time

After ending the call, he returned to the car to see Natalie awake and looking at her phone. The headlines he saw still hadn’t been taken down, and Natalie had seen it

Her complexion didn’t look good, and she was a little pale

Want some water?” He offered a bottle to Natalie

Natalie’s chest heaved continuously. She accepted the water from Irwin with a brief thank you.” 

She opened the bottle and gulped down half of it in one go, feeling the oppressive feeling in her chest slightly eased

Verde City was in complete chaos. Everyone was in disarray. Rumors of her entanglement with Cedric and collusion with Irwin were spreading widely

The news about Isabella being her sister also came out. The biased public opinion that had previously leaned towards her because of Isabella now seemed to be completely overturned

She had become a wicked woman. The rumors suggested that she was unable to tolerate the relationship 

between her sister and Cedric, so she had bribed the doctor to make the surgery fail

Now, the online rumors about her were overwhelming, with comments exceeding a hundred thousand in 

a short time

Once again, she became the target of online harassment


Will you be okay?Irwin took her phone from her hands, his tone gentle

His consideration touched Natalie. She looked at Irwin, who didn’t ask anything but exuded a silent caring atmosphere

Thank you, I’m fine.” 

Because of his thoughtfulness, she couldn’t afford to let him down on his project

Irwin nodded. He got out of the car and came to her side. When Natalle opened the car door, the man’s hand gallantly shielded her head, preventing her from hitting the top as she got out

Tharks Natalie said and smiled at him

NTHIA Was Uuly beautiful

ost at her smile and felt that she exuded a strong sense of pride

At this moment, when almost half of Verde City was attacking her, she could still focus on her work

This alone indicated that she had nothing to hide

If she had done something wrong or was timid, she wouldn’t be able to endure it

Throughout the project inspection process, Natalie was completely focused on her work. She didn’t display a hint of any other emotions

She didn’t know about Cedric’s phone call threatening Irwin and was unaware of what awaited her beyond

public opinion

At this moment, all she could do was overturn those accusations. No matter what Cedric did, she was 

ready to face it headon

Now, she and Cedric had truly reached the end of their fate.” 

There was no turning back for either of them

There was no chance to look back, and Cedric had lost the right to do so

The progress of the eastern suburbs and Dragon Park project was going well. Looking at the project she had taken from Cedric, Natalie found some comfort in this accomplishment

I must say, you’re a great designer,Irwin said as he opened the car door for her after they were done with the site inspection

Natalie smiled, It wasn’t easy to snatch the project from him. So, I have to design the best for it! It’s a matter of pride.” 

She needed to fight for her pride

Considering Cedric’s exceptional design department, her move also served as a message to the Johnson family and Cedric

It was her way of telling them she wasn’t useless, and leaving Cedric didn’t mean she couldn’t survive!. 

A Divorce After My Rebirth Complete Novel

A Divorce After My Rebirth Complete Novel

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"A Divorce After My Rebirth" is a novel that explores themes of second chances and self-discovery. Following the protagonist's rebirth, the narrative delves into the challenges of navigating a renewed life, including relationships and the pursuit of personal fulfillment amidst the complexities of divorce.  

A Divorce After My Rebirth

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Title: A Divorce After My Rebirth
Publisher: Proinfox.com
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A Divorce After My Rebirth /Review 

Natalie Walker poured her heart and soul into loving Cedric Johnson for ten years, only to end up being burned to death by his lover.Cedric thought of that woman as nothing more than a housemaid. Even marriage wouldn't change her status. That was, until he received the news that she wanted a divorce..."Why do you want a divorce?" Cedric asked arrogantly, believing that this woman couldn't survive without him."Aren't you eager for me to die so you can be with your lover? I'm simply fulfilling your wish!" Natalie shot back as she laughed mockingly. "Cedric, I won't be blind again! Not in this lifetime!"Natalie, who had been reborn from the ashes, held the divorce papers and kicked the scumbag and his mistress to the curb.At a press conference for her company, the media asked, "We heard that you initiated the divorce. Could you tell us the reason?"Natalie responded calmly, "It was simply time to let go."That fire had consumed all her emotions.Looking back, it was nothing more than a long-planned trap set for her.


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