A Divorce After My Rebirth Complete Chapter 199

A Divorce After My Rebirth Complete Chapter 199

Chapter 199 Schemes 

The public opinion in Verde City was still brewing. Right after the news about Isabella being Natalie’s sister broke out, what happened to Isaac’s fiancee was also leaked

Then, Dr. Landry, who performed the surgery on Isabella, had his company with millions in registered 

capital revealed

The whole city was speculating that Natalie had caused the death of Isaac’s fiancee, and she was also 

the one who had bribed Dr. Landry

They claimed Natalie deliberately made her sister’s surgery fail

The public opinion had both positive and negative sides

Some said Isabella deserved it. They accused her of seducing her own sister’s husband. However, the 

majority blamed Natalie. They called her ruthless and accused her of harming her own sister

Those who previously supported Natalie started to turn against her, claiming she was pretending and 

being hypocritical

In short, there were various accusations against her on the internet 

Enough. Stop looking at it!Irwin said, taking her phone away while driving

Natalie smiled at Irwin. Are you worried about me?! 

Yes. How can you smile at a time like this?!” 

And she was smiling in such a relaxed manner too

Natalie replied, You’re the only one who still treats me this way amid all this public opinion.” 

Natalie knew that Irwin understood. In a city where everyone was calling her a ruthless woman, he could 

still treat her the same way

For someone else, they might act all righteous and indignant in such a situation

Arwin didn’t

pointed to his head and said, Um always online here

sgain. Her laughter was as bright as the run 

offline most of the time 

Watching how she playfully cursed, Irwin’s gentle smile widened. The Natalie he knew was indeed 


Despite her cheerful appearance, there was a hint of bitterness in her heart. After all, she had spent ten years with Cedric 

Yet, Irwin was unlike anyone else. He was only her business partner, but he trusted her

Natalie.Irwin suddenly turned serious

What’s wrong?” Natalie asked

Do you really have no hope left for him?” 

None!Natalie shook her head without hesitation

She said it resolutely

Regarding Cedric… 

In her past life, she might not have given up hope. She couldn’t accept, even until the end

But now

she valued her life

That man would lead her to her death

What about you now? Are you completely against him?” 

Irwin could see it now. He didn’t believe that this matter was unrelated to Cedric, despite the public opinion that his assistant couldn’t suppress

Natalie looked out of the window with a distant gaze

Im against the entire Johnson family!” 

The heavens had given her a chance to be reborn

She didn’t get the chance just to become a pushover

She wouldn’t let go of what they did to her in her past life

And now

Since the situation had reached this point again, she wasn’t just going to face it; she was going to fight 


At lunchtime, Natalie ate with Irwin. While the outside world was criticizing her intensely, she could still dine with Irwin in such a relaxed manner

During the meal, Irwin received a call from the Frazier family. It was an obvious reminder, and he only said, I know what I’m doing,then hung up

Natalie received a call from Stephen. She heard him say, Verde City has turned into a mess, huh?” 


I gave you the position of Sylvan GemsCEO not to be bullied, you know?” 

Yes, I know I’m a little useless in this aspect.” 

She spent the night in custody due to the incident with Isaac’s fiancee

When she came out today, such an earthshattering incident had happened

If she had to say, the previous ones were really incomparable to what had happened this morning

Stephen asked, So, how do you plan to handle this now?” 

Natalie lifted her glass of red wine and took a sin 

I won’t bother.” 

That was her attitude. As the saying goes, to each their own

However, Stephen disagreed


You are now the CEO of Sylvan Gems. I’ll get Karina to arrange conference. What do you think?” 

What do you mean?” 

Sever ties completely with Cedric. Nat, I believe you’re rationa 

enough not to be dragged down by 

someone like him.” 

Yeah. I got it

Dragged down by Cedric

She hadn’t really thought about it. This call from her uncle served as a reminder

Cedric surely had a hand in the earthshaking events in Verde City today

was truly ruthless

and Christine’s sake, he went this far against her

Today proved Cedric’s stance towards her clearly, and thiswas exactly what Natalie wanted

After ending the call with Stephen, Irwin had already cut the steak and considerately placed it in front of 


Eat up!” 

Thank you.” 

What did your uncle say?” 

He said they’ve arranged a press conference

Well, it’s time to completely clarify your position. It’s not good to be constantly pestered.” 

Natalle was silent 

Constantly being pestered

Yes, she was the one who had been constantly pestered and ultimately ended up being the vicious one

She took a bite of steak

Irwin asked, Do you like the black pepper flavor?” 

Yeah, I like it.Natalie nodded. She wasn’t a fan of honeyflavored dishes

Looking at Irwin, she speared a piece and handed it to him. Want to try one?” 

It was an unconscious move.. 

Natalie stiffened for a moment when she realized what she had done. She was about to awkwardly retract her hand when Irwin grabbed her hand

Then, he ate the offered piece

Natalie instantly blushed

I feel like I’ve been influenced by the public opinion.” 

No, it was Cedric’s insults that influenced her

Cedric had always been insulting her, saying that she had a relationship with Irwin. Therefore, she started to develop a delusion 

fluence can give rise to such habits, it’s also good

He was referring to those rumors and speculations about him, and this habit she had formed seemed to be quite pleasing

it was like those rumors did a good deed

Don’t make jokes like that.” 

Natalie was a bit unused to it, especially when Irwin so earnestly and warmly said such things. She felt a bit lightheaded at his words

But right now, she couldn’t afford to lose her composure


Irwin smiled. You’ve been too heavily influenced by him.” 

He was referring to Cedric and how Natalie now had an instinctive fear of getting involved emotionally 

with any other men

Of course, it was worse in Cedric’s case

Natalie quietly ate her food, not wanting to discuss the topic of Cedric. Although she appeared calm in front of Irwin now, she couldn’t deny she was truly angered to the core today

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