Alpha Kaiden’s Scarred Luna by Angelina Bhardawaj Chapter 51

Alpha Kaiden’s Scarred Luna by Angelina Bhardawaj Chapter 51

Chapter 51 

To say Anastasia was embarrassed the next day would be an understatement. As soon as she woke up from sleep and felt Kaiden’s hand still wrapped around her chest with his abdomen pressing her from behind and his legs between hers, she didn’t know if she really wanted to her eyes at the moment

She cursed waking up first


With a deep breath, she gently tried to take Kaiden’s hand off her chest, but the more she tried, the closer he pulled her

Mine, Cara,he mumbled in his sleep, and Anastasia’s heart skipped a beat

Was this man real? Was he really moaning her name in sleep too? But why would he go to these lengths for her

After a few seconds, she felt his body moving, and when she thought that he would be waking up, he rather laid her flat on her back and bent before capturing one of her breasts in his mouth. It was 4 in the morning

She didn’t want anyone to see him coming out of her room and wanted him to leave immediately. ButAnastasia bit her lips to control her moan when he sucked on her breasts harder

Kaiden,” Anastasia gently shook him so that he could leave

Kaiden!She raised her voice when he didn’t wake up, and the guy opened his eyes ever so slowly before he looked at the sight before him and then raised his gaze to meet her hot embarrassed 


He noticed what he had been doing. And he would’ve felt more embarrassed if her red cheeks didn’t amuse him

Good morning, beautiful,Kaiden smiled and kissed the middle of her chest, rubbing his nose between her breasts before he lifted his body and pecked her lips

You need to leave. I don’t want anyone to see you coming out of my room. It’s around four in the morning and-” 

What are you doing?Anastasia widened her eyes when she felt his hand cupping her pussy

What am I doing? I am just caressing what is mine. You keep speaking. I am listening, I promise,Kaiden smirked before he gently parted her legs and placed the tent forming in his shorts right above her pussy which was growing wet already

Alpha Kaiden, I am serious….you can’toooohhhh,Anastasia’s eyes rolled in the back of her head when he suddenly pressed into her pussy harder, his tent in his shorts making her want to release his beast and be ravaged by her

1 will come back to you to the pack. I have to take some documentation to complete the process. of being a council member. When will we leave?Anastasia changed the topic to distract herself

Kaiden liked the sound of wefrom her mouth. It almost sounded like she was declaring to him they were a thing already, and he gulped

Tam pleased that you decided to come back with me, my love, Kaiden whispered into her ears and stopped pressing her

Let me stay like this for a few more minutes, and then I promise I will leave,Kaiden hugged her tight loving the feeling of her naked body plastered on his front, their hearts so close that he wanted them to become one

As he felt her heart beating across his, he couldn’t help but wonder why didn’t he meet her sooner, but then again, any sooner and if she was still in love or mated to that jerk, things wouldn’t have 

ven this easy

Cara Kaiden said after a few minutes

HmmShe asked, absentminded

“T. LIII leave now Kaiden sighed and stood from his place, ensuring he didn’t move her duvet so that she didn’t feel embarrassed

wore his clothes silently, not facing her before walking to the balcony. He turned to look at her one last time before he sighed and left

She didn’t get up from her place for a long time. His eyes just nowit almost felt like, he wanted to say something else but ended up saying something entirely different

Anastasia finally descended the stairs, dressed in a pair of beige coloured shorts and a crop top under her favourite black leather jacket 

Are you ready to go? Kaiden asked her as soon as he saw her while he was entering the chambers and Anastasia looked at him, remembering what happened last night before she nodded with a vague sigh 

Eat something before you guys leave, Timothy walked from the other corridor, and Anastasia used the council head to save herself from any kind of confrontation

The breakfast was almost quiet. Many alphas left the council chambers last night only, and the arrangement for alphas who weren’t comfortable coming down to eat was done in their rooms only 

When are you planning to return?Draco asked, and Kaiden’s fork paused

I hope you guys remember she is currently an employee of my company. If there isn’t anything important, I don’t think I can permit her to stay here for long. And she has already completed her training period, so that shouldn’t come between, right?Kaiden asked without looking up. Well Anastasia started, and Kaiden sighed

He was sure that she would just refute his words like she always did and was ready with all kinds of clauses in that contract that he could use against her when she surprised him by doing the opposite 

1 think staying near the Dark Sinister pack is going to be beneficial to us. The rogue head will be visiting the place soon. I am positive about it. It will just increase our chances at better Information,Anastasia said, and Draco sighed 

Asia, we know that you are officially the spy of our council team, and it’s your duty to take such risks, but I don’t feel too positive about this rogue head. Even the most dangerous alphas stay wary of him,Derek added and Anastasia was about to answer him when Kaiden interrupted

You guys don’t need to worry about that. I’ll keep her safe. That’s a promise I can make and keep,Kaiden said, making Anastasia smile inwardly, the hidden meaning behind his words screaming things she didn’t want to listen to 

Alpha Kaiden’s Scarred Luna by Angelina Bhardawaj

Alpha Kaiden’s Scarred Luna by Angelina Bhardawaj

Score 9.9
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 12/18/2023 Native Language: English
Alpha Kaiden's Scarred Luna" by Angelina Bhardawaj is a captivating paranormal romance novel that delves into the tumultuous love story between an alpha werewolf, Kaiden, and a scarred luna, exploring themes of passion, healing, and the supernatural in a thrilling narrative.  

Alpha Kaiden's Scarred Luna by Angelina Bhardawaj

  Alpha Kaiden's Scarred Luna/Summery  Chapter-1 The Graduation Ceremony "There is no pain bigger than the one given by your loved ones. When the people you trust and would lay down your life, start to show you the real meaning of life, filled with pain and suffering, you are bound to lose your mind and make some mistakes. The mistakes that sometimes ruin or make your life." -by Angelina Bhardawaj ~~~~~ "Are you happy, mom? He has returned. Jackson said he would come and pick me up at 7 for the graduation party," Anastasia couldn't be more happy. Jackson Grave. The heartthrob and the coolest person she laid her eyes on was her mate. But he wasn't only that. He was also her friend of twelve years. It has been exactly six months since she found that the alpha of her pack was her mate. It was still like a dream to her.  

Alpha Kaiden's Scarred Luna by Angelina Bhardawaj


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