Alpha Kaiden’s Scarred Luna by Angelina Bhardawaj Chapter 52

Alpha Kaiden’s Scarred Luna by Angelina Bhardawaj Chapter 52

Chapter 52 

Are you not coming inside the pack?Kaiden asked as Anastasia stood outside of the pack boundaries, and she hummed

“I don’t go to places I have been humiliated until I am there to destroy or reign it. None of this would happen, so let’s avoid that, okay?Anastasia asked, and Kalden sighed

Why didn’t you tell me about it sooner? We should’ve stopped at the apartment and 

I didn’t have a reason to. Since my cover to be a hidden spy has blown off, I don’t have to live like a measer anymore. My expenses are taken care of by the council. I can afford a 1bedroom apartment for myself. Thank you for worrying,Anastasia countered

Kaiden didn’t know why, but it looked like she was deliberately dodging or staying away from him, and he sighed

He will just deal with it later

Well, I don’t use my apartment. You can stay there and give me the rent. It would be much cheaper and homely with everything available,” Kaiden said, and Anastasia was about to object again when she finally got the message from Grayson that he was out of the forest

Please, be rest assured, I will be available at the company on time. Thanks for the ride. Also, don’t forget to bring my documents,Anastasia said vaguely before she turned around and left

Kaiden wanted to stop her, but he didn’t want to rush things. They made great progress last night, and he understood that she needed some alone time to deal with and digest the fact that the most powerful alpha was head over heels for her now

Now, all he needed was to make his way into her heart slowly. Let her go to her exmate? Not in a hundred years until he is alive he would allow that

Kaiden turned to Logan, who was observing carefully, and quirked his brows

What is it?He asked

You seem much happier when you are with her,Logan commented

I wonder why,Kiaden said vaguely as they walked to the hospital to see all the people who survived his wrath that night

“Tiffany has been surely throwing a tantrum, sir. But surprisingly, it’s not because she wants to see you or something. She is just saying she wants to apologize to Anastasia and wants permission to join the office again,Logan resorted, and Kaiden hummed

He didn’t want to deal with it, but as the alpha of the pack, it was his duty to check on his people if they were recovering well or not. Besides, he firmly believed that they probably would’ve learned their lesson by now. Do not mess with the Alpha’s woman

Then again, they didn’t like the presence of Anastasia around him because she was a rogue wolf, but now that she is a council member, it shouldn’t be a problem for anyone

In the meantime, I want you guys to keep a lookout for Anastasia and the apartment she is choosing to live in. It would be much better if she doesn’t get one so that she can end up staying in mine, but I won’t force it,Kaiden said, looking at Casper, who walked to him with a disappointed look on his face

Alpha,Casper bowed, and Kalden waited for the bad news

The rogues have been increasing in strength these days. It’s said they are partnering with those illegal labs for some kind of new chemicals. Our spy team is working on it, but the chances are the chemicals are actually scenthiding ones. They might be a new kind of poison combination too,” Casper said

Okay Send the C team to find out more about this. And I would like a piece of special and specific information on the labs. Look more into whether they are colluding with any legal legal We will demolish the illegal labs. Also, I heard they are using some kind of application to communicate worldwide. Look into it,” Kalden ordered him before looking at Logan

Fix my meeting with all the pack boundaries near our pack from all sides. Let’s give them a warning,” Kaiden said before he gave a tour of the hospital

He walked to the house with a tired sigh, plopping on the couch where he found Anastasia’s bag. It was the daily bag that she used to carry to the office

He smiled at the thought of her. Last night was really blissful for him. If being with her, kissing her, touching her was so amazing, he can’t even wait to feel what our pussy would feel like

What being plunged deep inside her, tearing her deepest walls would feel like. Just the thought of it was making him hard, and he groaned

He went into his room and freshened up before entering Anastasia’s room. He arranged all the documents that she would be needed along with the rest of the work

Now that he looks at her information, it was suspicious from the beginning, but he thought it was the nature of the rogue 

Once he arranged everything, he threw himself on the bed to inhale her scent

“Mmmm, Mia Cara, Kaiden groaned as he rubbed his face in her pillow, falling into a light slumber. He was about to fall fully asleep when his cell phone rang, and he narrowed his brows

Who the hell was disturbing his precious sleep with he paused when he looked at the familiar number

Hey,he said breathlessly. Her scent from the bedsheets and soft breathing made it hard for him to keep his eyes open

Come show me the apartment you were talking about. Uhh, I can’t find one here. I am sure it has something to do with you, but I would let it slide this time since I am too tired to move anyway,he heard her groaning, and a smile spread across his lips

It looks like she was ready to live with him, in his apartment, he meant

He quickly got up from the bed and put on his shirt before walking out with his car keys once he got the location from her 

After driving for thirty minutes, he was finally standing near the park where she said she was roaming around 

Let’s go.Anastasia grumbled, and he looked at her, suppressing the urge to smile

I thought you would be living with that friend of yours,Kaiden commented to get into the small talk and almost chuckled when she glared at him 

Why would I live with him? He left an hour ago. And I have been trying to find an apartment since then, but no one would give me, and all of them had no reasons Mind explaining what is going on? Huh, you know what? Don’t bother I already kind of know 


+5 vouchers 

Anastasia crossed her arms around her chest, making her breasts push up even more and Kaiden’s gaze immediately traveled down before he coughed a little to hide his obvious gaze

He took her to his apartment, which was on the safest building in the area. It was closest to the 

company too

The password is 2457, Kalden said, and Anastasia hummed as he opened the door

To say she was surprised would be an understatement. It was a beautiful novel wellkept place. She loved it, but of course, she couldn’t show this to this smug alpha who would- 

Mmmmphhh!Anastasia’s foot tangled with the carpet and she was about to fall when Kaiden held her hand and pulled her close

Easy there, Cara. I won’t be here all the time to protect you from falling.Kaiden looked into her wide amber eyes before smiling

He bent his face and was about to kiss her when she tilted her head, making him kiss her neck instead

Why are you getting nervous, Cara? I won’t be kissing you for the first time,Kaiden whispered in her ears, her loud heartbeat, making him smile 

Don’t worry, I am not here to take advantage of you if that’s what you are worried about. You almost know all the rules of how things work around here. I will take care of the management and maintenance. You can choose whatever rent you would like to pay. Also, it’s available with the basic things only, so we might need to go shopping to fill the fridge and Kaiden stopped when he saw Anastasia looking at him

Did I say something wrong?He narrowed his eyes

No. It’s Just funny how you sound like a new husband who is trying to arrange everything for his wife who would be living away from him, Anastasia chuckled as if it was the biggest joke, but Kaiden just smiled

He didn’t dislike the idea. And it was surprising to both Atlas and him. Yes, they have been thinking about this girl a lot, but actually marriage and mating Kaiden gulped before he turned around to hide his red face. Was marriange really an option so soon? Why the hell did it not looked repulsing to him anymore

What the hell? Why was he blushing like a teenager? This wasn’t how it should work

Alpha Kaiden’s Scarred Luna by Angelina Bhardawaj

Alpha Kaiden’s Scarred Luna by Angelina Bhardawaj

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 12/18/2023 Native Language: English
Alpha Kaiden's Scarred Luna" by Angelina Bhardawaj is a captivating paranormal romance novel that delves into the tumultuous love story between an alpha werewolf, Kaiden, and a scarred luna, exploring themes of passion, healing, and the supernatural in a thrilling narrative.  

Alpha Kaiden's Scarred Luna by Angelina Bhardawaj

  Alpha Kaiden's Scarred Luna/Summery  Chapter-1 The Graduation Ceremony "There is no pain bigger than the one given by your loved ones. When the people you trust and would lay down your life, start to show you the real meaning of life, filled with pain and suffering, you are bound to lose your mind and make some mistakes. The mistakes that sometimes ruin or make your life." -by Angelina Bhardawaj ~~~~~ "Are you happy, mom? He has returned. Jackson said he would come and pick me up at 7 for the graduation party," Anastasia couldn't be more happy. Jackson Grave. The heartthrob and the coolest person she laid her eyes on was her mate. But he wasn't only that. He was also her friend of twelve years. It has been exactly six months since she found that the alpha of her pack was her mate. It was still like a dream to her.  

Alpha Kaiden's Scarred Luna by Angelina Bhardawaj


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