Alpha Kaiden’s Scarred Luna by Angelina Bhardawaj Chapter 53

Alpha Kaiden’s Scarred Luna by Angelina Bhardawaj Chapter 53

Chapter 53 

Somewhere in the City of the dark clouds which was a famous place known for its illegal activities. In the dark night, a shadow loomed over the abandoned building, bringing terror and tremors from the people who sucked in a deep breath as the shadow passed by them

The shadow was of a person they knew would bring out his sword and cut their face in a way to leave them in pain for the rest of their life

He never liked playing around without empty threats, but what he didn’t like even more was betrayal by his own species 

How could they? Didn’t they have any conscience? They were already betrayed by the world, those loyal dogs who pretend to have a group that would always have their back, but does anyone really have their backs in this cursed world? If yes, why were they left alone in the first place

a cunning and calculative hierarchy, a hierarchy he was hellbent on destroying

Satan. That’s what they called him. That’s who he was. To the world. And he liked it like that. He liked the fear he had established over the years. It didn’t just start overnight

Where is he?His voice was cold, void of emotions, promising nothing but a slow, agonizing death to anyone who would dare to oppose him

in the dungeons, sir,his subordinate bowed in respect

Bring him,He ordered crisply

With his body turned in the direction of the window, he looked out at the raging storm that was nothing in front of the storm brewing in his heart

His heart that he was once a soft organ for someone, that someone, who still doesn’t know he 


After a wait of five minutes, he heard some noise behind him. The muffled voices of a gagged man being brought into the hall and then being tied to the chair resounded, followed by the thunderclaps 


He is here, sirThe subordinate said, and the man himself nodded, a clear indication for everyone to vacate the place since Satan wanted to interrogate a miser who put him in a tough spot. Once he could hear the man’s ragged breathing along his close and loyal subordinate, the man finally turned around to look at the person bound to the chair 

He looked at his subordinates to start with the introduction, the information they could gather around him 

The subordinate didn’t need to be told twice 

The rogue name is Kyle. He turned into a rogue three years ago when his mate died. He has a sixyearold daughter and has been living with a new woman for two years who is pregnant with his second child 

Has three bank accounts and has been approached by the council, which he denied

He has been dealing with drugs, illegal chemicals trafficking, weapons trafficking and spying on the database of many packs and sometimes rogue too. His recent activity was more around hacking the database of the rogue, and the intentions are unclear, but it seemed like he was looking for

NEM, JAK Dena Beough it. He was looking for the rogue head, the subordinate started as the 

waed the person bed to the chair 

him shed the bluck, cloth that was placed over his head and bound around his neck to keep his väga palled, looking straight into his eyes

Apart from this, he has a younger brother who goes to college and lives in the suburbs near the Dark Sputer pack with the rogue pass he got from the local police. Most importantly, he is known start with his work name, K,the subordinate ended the brief introduction, and Satan 

ded at the man 

The sonde was evil K could see it. The man in front of him meant nothing good. It horrified him. blow were these men able to get so much information about him even when he had ensured that be looked has information and deleted it from most databases

Who are you guys K shouted as soon as the man in the hood in front of him jerked the duct tape 

The man leaned back and looked him up and down, an evil smirk playing on his face

Hay pulled his gun from his pocket, and without a second word, he aimed it at his foot and shot. Nou mother taaaaaa!K shouted in pure pain, and the man smirked further

Only ask questions here Let it be a lesson,” He said in a bored tone as he played with the tip of the quin, his eves holding a black fire in them

What do you want from me? Why have you captured me? Why K sucked Inna deep breath when the man pointed the gun to his manhood, letting it over there

One more extra word than needed and asked, you won’t live to see your unborn child, and then I’ll kill that child in the womb of your second wife to atone for his father’s sin, and if that wouldn’t be enough, I will kill your wife, your brother and your daughternot your daughter. I will rear her. Wait for her to turn 12, and you know after that, the man said, and K struggled in his seat, the pain insuffing the anger he was feeling

Sewing the man wasn’t speaking anymore, Satan was feeling much more satisfied, and he looked at his subordinate, who stepped forward and threw some photos on his lap

The man in question immediately shivered when he recognised the photos. It was him and his brother sneaking the rogue’s body out of the suburbs, trying to be as sneaky as possible

it would’ve been an easy job if someone skilled was with him, but his brother wasn’t accustomed to that kind of illegal work, and he made a mistake. The mistake was for a few seconds only. He has dropped the body, revealing the face to the security camera

They had thought no one would notice them, but it looked like they got caught

Such an ugly sight, no? Let me ask you one question, and it will decide the fate of your entire Tamil Satan rubbed the barrel of his gun

Who killed Car? i know you didn’t, so don’t try to lie. I saw his body and studied it myself,” Satan placed the gun tip on his lips thoughtfully

know you know him, so give me the fucking name and designation, Satan said, and K gulped. He was asking about Anastasia. It didn’t take him a second to understand it, but how could he tell 

about her and break the treaty

Alpha Kaiden’s Scarred Luna by Angelina Bhardawaj

Alpha Kaiden’s Scarred Luna by Angelina Bhardawaj

Score 9.9
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 12/18/2023 Native Language: English
Alpha Kaiden's Scarred Luna" by Angelina Bhardawaj is a captivating paranormal romance novel that delves into the tumultuous love story between an alpha werewolf, Kaiden, and a scarred luna, exploring themes of passion, healing, and the supernatural in a thrilling narrative.  

Alpha Kaiden's Scarred Luna by Angelina Bhardawaj

  Alpha Kaiden's Scarred Luna/Summery  Chapter-1 The Graduation Ceremony "There is no pain bigger than the one given by your loved ones. When the people you trust and would lay down your life, start to show you the real meaning of life, filled with pain and suffering, you are bound to lose your mind and make some mistakes. The mistakes that sometimes ruin or make your life." -by Angelina Bhardawaj ~~~~~ "Are you happy, mom? He has returned. Jackson said he would come and pick me up at 7 for the graduation party," Anastasia couldn't be more happy. Jackson Grave. The heartthrob and the coolest person she laid her eyes on was her mate. But he wasn't only that. He was also her friend of twelve years. It has been exactly six months since she found that the alpha of her pack was her mate. It was still like a dream to her.  

Alpha Kaiden's Scarred Luna by Angelina Bhardawaj


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