Read See You Never Mr. Lamont by Coral Chapter 273

Read See You Never Mr. Lamont by Coral Chapter 273

Chapter 273 Daydreams Come True 

But he quickly denied it. 

Why was he still having such dreams? 

Dalton shook off the extravagant hopes in his head, until Claudia spoke- 

“Uncle, it wasn’t the Fleming family who helped with the company matters.” A refined smile gradually appeared on her fair face, “It was me who helped.” 

“What did you say?” Dalton asked, his eyes wide with disbelief, the whites of his eyes filled with red veins, full of shock. 

Claudia stepped forward with a smile, her rosy lips slightly upturned, laughing confidently and openly: “I am a senior member of the Enigma organization. The organization has already stepped in to resolve this matter. Rest assured, the Fleming family will no longer be able to threaten you, and Arianna will no longer be forced to marry.” 

Upon hearing this, Dalton was stunned for a long time. 

He stared blankly at Claudia, excitedly stepping forward, babbling, “Seraphina, is…is what you said true? Are you really from that organization?” 

As he spoke, tears glistened in Dalton’s eyes. 

His emotions fluctuated too many times today. He thought his tears. had already dried up, but upon hearing this news, his tear glands were stimulated again. 

Claudia chuckled. 

My uncle’s reaction was simply identical to Arianna’s. 

Emerson and Melanie were clueless, their faces filled with confusion, but they still understood what Claudia said. 

“Seraphina, did you solve the company’s financial issues?” Emerson, leaning on his cane, strode over, a few strands of surprise and excitement emerging on his wrinkled face, “How… how are you so capable?” 

Melanie slapped her old man’s shoulder and scolded, “What are you talking about? How can our Seraphina not have this ability? Don’t forget, she is our granddaughter.” 

Melanie boasted, thinking of her capable daughter Emily, she couldn’t help but curl her lips: “Don’t forget, Emily was very outstanding in the first place. If she hadn’t married Thomas later, she would have taken over the Johnson family’s company.” 

Emerson didn’t speak, he squinted his eyes, and suddenly his memories were pulled back to the past. 

Emily had been excellent since she was a child, especially in managing the company. Their family did not have the tradition of favoring boys over girls. Emily started managing the company right after graduation. If she hadn’t married Thomas, the company would indeed have 

continued to be managed by her. 

Looking at his granddaughter again, Emerson nodded with satisfaction, “Seraphina, you are the great contributor of our family, grandpa is very happy!” 

At his age, what he wanted to see the most was a house full of children and grandchildren, and his children being successful. Now, seeing Seraphina single-handedly resolving the company’s crisis, his aging heart seemed to rejuvenate. 

It took Dalton quite a while to accept this fact. 

“Seraphina, you didn’t pay a huge price, did you? I heard that the Enigma organization charges quite a bit for their services…” Dalton was vaguely worried deep down. 

Claudia knew his worries and dispelled them with a single sentence: “I am a senior member of the organization, and every year, we senior members have the right to help our families for free once. This is also a benefit of our organization.” 

She told this lie without batting an eye. 

Dalton immediately breathed a sigh of relief and instantly became excited. 

His niece turned out to be a high-ranking member of the Enigma 

organization. Fantastic! This is like his ancestors’ graves emitting green 


Just then, a shareholder named Hugo called, and Dalton, controlling his excitement, answered. 

“Mr. Johnson, what time were we supposed to go to the Fleming family tomorrow?” 

The result of their discussion tonight was to go to the Fleming family together tomorrow to explain the situation to Axton. If Axton did not relent, the company would directly declare bankruptcy. 

“To the Fleming family…” Dalton immediately spat out, “To hell with that shit!” 

Upon hearing the swear word, Hugo on the other end of the phone thought he had misheard, “Mr. Johnson…” 

Immediately after, he heard Dalton utter bold and grandiose words: 

“We won’t go anywhere tomorrow, let’s find a restaurant and celebrate!” 

“Celebrating…” A pang of dread hit Hugo, “Mr. Johnson, even if the company is going under, you can’t be so extravagant. We both have families to take care of, we have to keep going no matter how tough life gets…” 

“Did you think I was crazy?” Dalton lowered his voice, then the corners of his mouth lifted into a wide grin, “Hahaha, that’s right, I am crazy with joy, you know? My niece is a high-ranking executive at Enigma Corporation, you know what that means, right? A single word from her could save our company…” 

“Mr. Johnson…” Hugo interrupted him awkwardly, “Are you alright?” 

Was the high-ranking member of the Enigma organization his niece? 

What was the Enigma organization, and how could it possibly be related to their company? 

Mr. Johnson was under such great pressure that he actually developed a delusion. 

Thinking about the future of the company, Hugo sighed with worry. 

The leader had issues with his mind, this company surely wouldn’t last long. 

“Mr. Johnson, you should rest well, let your mind relax, and try not to overthink.” 

Even if you wish, it wouldn’t come true. 

Hearing Hugo’s words, Dalton realized that Hugo didn’t believe him. 

“Hugo, I’m not kidding, let the others know, there’s no need to go to 

the Fleming’s place tomorrow. The company matter was handled by my niece, it has nothing to do with that Axton.” 

In front of his family, Dalton did not hide his dissatisfaction with the Fleming family. 

Hugo still didn’t believe it. Seeing Dalton’s confident demeanor, he could only sigh and hang up the phone. 

After hanging up the phone, Dalton’s face was filled with satisfaction and pride. He looked at Claudia with a comforting gaze, his eyes slightly heated. 

“It was very late today, you guys should rest first, we can talk about anything else tomorrow.” 

Seeing Dalton like this, Claudia nodded with a smile. 

She didn’t reveal that she was the leader of the organization, fearing that her family couldn’t bear it any more. 

Seeing Dalton let go of his burden, Claudia also felt relieved. 

In the early morning, the sun rose, dazzlingly bright. 

In the second-hand car market, a car with a smashed front end was parked in the center of the square. 

“Mr. Ferguson, this is the car you’ve been waiting for a long time. However, the front of the car is damaged and it will cost a lot to repair. Are you interested?” 

Horace stood by the car, listening to the sales manager’s introduction. 

After his father received a call from the Enigma organization, he was so scared that he immediately backed off and didn’t let him continue to be grounded. 

He originally wanted to go directly to Seraphina, but Seraphina said she was in the hospital and asked him to come later. In his boredom, he was dragged to the used car market. 

These sports cars, worth tens of millions, were mostly traded in the used car market. Even if the front of the car was damaged, as long as there were no major issues with the cockpit, someone would take it 


He had been eyeing this yellow Lamborghini for a long time, but no owner was willing to part with it. 

He carefully touched the front of the car. It must have hit a large vehicle. Although the damage was quite severe, it could be restored to its original state if sent for repair. 

“Leave it here, I’ll pick it up after it’s fixed.” Horace took another look at the car and finally decided to buy it. 

At the same time, Edmond was lying in bed when he received a 


message from his butler: “Young master, the car has been sold.” 

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Read See You Never, Mr. Lamont by Coral

Read See You Never, Mr. Lamont by Coral

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See You Never, Mr. Lamont" is a novel by Coral. It's a story of defiance and independence as it follows the protagonist, Mr. Lamont, who decides to leave his old life behind, bidding farewell to the familiar and embracing a new beginning with a strong sense of determination and finality.   Description of Novels”Read See You Never, Mr. Lamont by Coral Novel  
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Chapter 1 She’s Gone “Mrs. Lamont, you’ve been waiting for hours. I’m afraid that Mr. Lamont won’t come back tonight.” “It’s OK. I’ll wait for a little longer.” Claudia Lloyd had married Edmond Lamont for three years
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  • Character-driven Story: The novel revolves around the character of Mr. Lamont.
  • Defiance and Independence: Mr. Lamont's journey symbolizes a spirit of rebellion and a quest for personal freedom.
  • Life Transformation: He makes a radical decision to abandon his old life.
  • Farewell to the Familiar: The title "See You Never" suggests a definitive departure, leaving behind the known and comfortable.
  • New Beginning: Mr. Lamont is determined to start anew.
  • Sense of Finality: The story conveys a strong sense of closure and decisiveness.
  • Author, Coral: The book is written by an author named Coral, known for her unique storytelling.
  • Exploration of Emotions: The narrative likely explores the emotional and psychological aspects of Mr. Lamont's journey.
  • Themes of Self-Discovery: It may touch upon themes of self-discovery, reinvention, and the human spirit.
  • Narrative Style: The novel's writing style and tone are essential aspects that contribute to its impact.
  • Reader Engagement: Readers may be drawn to the character's journey and the underlying themes of the novel.
  • Potential Symbolism: The book could incorporate symbolism and metaphors to convey its messages.


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