Remarrying into Wealth By Bennett Snider Chapter 201

Remarrying into Wealth By Bennett Snider Chapter 201

Chapter 201 

Sophia experienced a sharp pain in her stomach, and blood began to flow down her 

legs. Palefaced and in agony, she collapsed to her knees, staining the floor beneath her 


Oh, blood!Nora exclaimed, pointing an accusing finger at Violet. You wicked woman

do you want to harm your grandchild?” 

Taken aback, Violet sensed that something was amiss. It seemed as though she had 

fallen into a trap, and now Sophia was bleeding, a result of her strike to the stomach. If 

an investigation were to take place, she would likely be implicated. I didn’tI just” 

Nora grabbed her phone, ready to call the police. I’m calling the police right now! The 

mother of the esteemed CEO of Ford Group trespassed into someone’s home and 

assaulted me and my daughter, causing my daughter’s miscarriage! I’ll also inform the 

media to expose you and Malcolm Ford as violent individuals and tarnish the reputation of the Ford Group. Malcolm Ford will suffer a devastating defeat!” 

The next second, she was about to dial the number, but Violet slapped the phone out of 

Chapter 201 A Blessing or a Curse 

her hand and urgently pleaded, Please don’t call the police!” 

Do you think you can stop me just by saying that? Our family has more than one 

phone! Give your phone to me, Sophia. I’ll avenge you today!Nora stood her ground

and the glaring red stain on the floor filled the air with the scent of blood


Violet panicked. She only had one son. A woman could run away, and a child could be 

born again, but if she caused harm to her son and the company, she would truly have 

no dignity to meet her late husband, who had passed away early

Meanwhile, Sophia was in too much pain to speak and couldn’t find the strength to 

reach for her phone. However, it was clear that Nora was merely putting on a show. As 

long as she could frighten Violet, her goal would be accomplished

And now, Violet was in a state of panic, unsure of what to do. Her son was her pillar of 

support in the latter half of her life, and nothing should happen to him! Clenching her 

fists tightly, she gritted her teeth. Both of you are insane-” 

You’re the insane one,Nora retorted. Mrs. Ford, I’ll give you one more minute to think

Do you want to protect your son and the company, or do you want to protect this 



Compared to her grandchild, of course, her son was more important. Furthermore, this 

grandchild had already turned into a pool of blood and beyond salvation. For now, the 

only option was to find a way to minimize the impact of this situation

Taking a deep breath, she said, Alright, I can give up on this grandchild and also allow 

Sophia and the young master of the Martin family to have a secret affair. I have one 

condition, though. This matter must never be mentioned to anyone.” 

This was exactly what Nora wanted. Nevertheless, she still had to pretend to be 

reluctant, saying, Do you think it’s that easy to settle this? Mrs. Ford, what do you take 

me and David for? With David’s current influence, if he retaliates against the Ford Group 

for mistreating him and chooses to switch jobs, your son’s company will be doomed!” 

Violet was annoyed. Then, what do you want?” 

It’s simple; you’ll have to do the same. No matter who asks, you must admit that 

Sophia was forced into a relationship with Malcolm, but they’re completely separated 

now, and there is no connection between them.” 

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Violet nodded and agreed. Okay.” 

AndNora sneered. I have the same demand for you. Treat this child as if Sophia 

never got pregnant. Like it never existed, understand?” 

By denying the existence of the child, the matter of Violet killing her grandchild would 

be completely erased, so she had no reason to refuse. With the matter settled, Violet 

hurriedly left, nearly colliding with the coffee table in her haste

Nora quickly walked up and locked the door, helping Sophia to her feet. Sophia, how 

are you? Can you make it upstairs?” 

Sophia’s face contorted in pain. Mom, I’m in so much pain. Please call an ambulance 

for me” 

Silly child, in order to completely erase any evidence of this baby’s existence, we can’t 

go to the hospital. Your Aunt Gianna is no longer at the provincial hospital, and we don’t 

know anyone there. If we go, your condition and how the child was miscarried will be 

recorded in the medical records, and the Martin family can easily find out later.” 

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Chapter 201 A Blessing or a Curse 

But Mom, I’m really in so much pain. Am I going to die?” 

Nora reassured her, Hang in there a little longer. I’ll help you back to your room first.

miscarriage is not a big deal. As long as I’m here, you will be fine, and once you get 

through this, better days are waiting for you.” 

Sophia was in so much pain that she was on the verge of losing consciousness, and 

Nora practically dragged her upstairs


The milky white linen dress she was wearing was already stained red with blood, which 

was dripping from the living room to the stairs and then from the hallway to her room

The entire path was covered in bloodstains

It was a horrifying sight

Suddenly, the door of the adjacent room swung open from the inside. Joseph, still 

halfasleep, frowned and grumbled, What’s all this noise so early in the morning? Can’t 

a person sleep?” 

Sherry shielded his eyes with her hand

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Chapter 201 A Blessing or a Curse 

Who is it?” 

It’s me,Sherry replied. It should be quiet now. You can go back to sleep.” 



He didn’t resist being blinded by her hand. In fact, he found it quite comforting as he 

rubbed his eyes. Why are you covering my eyes?” 

The light is too bright,she explained. I’m afraid it will hurt your eyes, and you won’t be 

able to sleep.” 

In his grogginess, he was easily fooled by her and mumbled, Oh,before letting out

big yawn

She guided him back to his room, closed the door behind him, and let out a deep sigh

In his early teens, he was just beginning to learn about relationships between the sexes 

and would surely be shocked by the large pool of bloodstains on the living room floor

She didn’t know how to explain it to him, nor did she want him to know about such 

things at such a young age

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Chapter 201 A Blessing or a Curse 

Casting a glance at the room farthest away, she noticed that the door was tightly 

closed, and there was no sound coming from inside. How did Nora manage to calm 


Sophia down? she wondered. Having a miscarriage and not going to the hospital, how 

could they ensure sterility at home? This will undoubtedly lead to complications in the 

future, she thought, letting out a deep sigh. With a mother like this, she didn’t know if it 

was a blessing or a curse for Sophia

The familiar sound of the telephone ringing snapped Sherry back to reality, and she 

quickly made her way back to the attic and locked the door from the inside

The call was from an unknown number, and she answered, Hello?” 

Sherry, did you block me again?It was Malcolm’s voice

Sherry didn’t want to engage in a conversation with him, so she hung up and added the 

number to her blacklist. However, shortly after, a second call came ringing, and her 

phone only displayed a series of numbers

Remarrying into Wealth By Bennett Snider Novel

Remarrying into Wealth By Bennett Snider Novel

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Remarrying into Wealth” by Bennett Snider is a captivating novel that explores the intricate dynamics of love, ambition, and societal expectations as characters navigate the complexities of remarriage, unveiling a world where relationships intertwine with wealth, creating a compelling narrative of romance and social intrigue.. Read Remarrying into Wealth By Bennett Snider

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Chapter 1 Fallopian Tube Obstruction “What did I say? It’s your problem that you can’t conceive! Now that the test results are out, let’s see what you have to say!” Sherry Wilson’s grip on the test report wavered. When she saw the words “Blocked Fallopian Tubes” inscribed on it, she felt a chill from head to toe. After four years of marriage to Malcolm Ford, she still couldn’t get pregnant. Her mother-in-law pointed at her, with a furious look, implying that she was about to devour her. People passing by glanced at her as if she were a joke, pointing and gossiping, adding to the chaos. Malcolm was the only son of the Ford family, and she understood her mother-in-law’s desire for a grandson. So she had silently endured it all this time. “Mom,” Sherry said patiently, “let’s go home and talk.” “That’s my home, not yours. Get it straight! I have never recognized you as a member of the Ford family. You’re not worthy!” Her mother-in-law’s words were venomous. Sherry closed her eyes, feeling helpless. “We are legally married, and we have a marriage certificate.” “I’m telling you, Sherry, divorce Malcolm immediately! You won’t get a penny of the Ford family’s wealth!” As more people gathered around her, the sweltering weather and their piercing stares made her feel even more humiliated. Sherry took a deep breath, feeling helpless and hopeless.


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