Remarrying into Wealth By Bennett Snider Chapter 202

Remarrying into Wealth By Bennett Snider Chapter 202

Chapter 202 

Sherry was seething with anger. What is Malcolm Ford up to? she wondered. Did he 

purchase a stack of phone cards

She abruptly ended the call, but the phone continued to ring persistently

Unable to tolerate it any longer, she answered the call and scolded, Will you ever stop

I’ve already told you, unless it’s about filing for divorce, don’t call me again!” 

There was silence for several seconds on the other end of the line

Malcolm Ford called you again?” 

This voiceSherry was taken aback. Mr. Sniper?” 

Yes, did you think it was Malcolm Ford?” 

Sherry closed her eyes for a moment. I’m sorry, Malcolm Ford just called me from an 

unknown number, so I thought it was him. Why are you also using an unknown 

number? Did you change your phone?” 




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No, this is my alternate number,Sniper said. Only my parents, siblings, and 

grandmother know this number.” 

Sherry understood, but she still felt a bit uneasy. So, the number you’ve been 

contacting me with beforeWas it a special card you got just for me?” 

Yes,Sniper didn’t deny it. At that timethe situation was a bit complicated, and

couldn’t inform you of my identity in time. I apologize.” 


Wait a minute, I recall you mentioning that that number is also your personal number

So, if this is also a personal number, that means you have three mobile numbers

including one for work?” 

Sniper smiled faintly. My work phone is usually answered by Dylan. I rarely use it, and

let Dylan handle official matters on my behalf.” 

She didn’t know what to say as she sat on the edge of the bed, her fingers caressing the 

intricate patterns on the bedsheet, feeling somewhat resentful. It seems like everyone in Herzoslovakia City thinks you’re going to marry Sophia.” 

Yes, are you jealous?” 

Sherry was infuriated. I’m not jealous. I just feel extremely uncomfortable.” 

He chuckled happily this time. Sherry, I like it when you feel uncomfortable.” 


Alright, it’s all my fault. Don’t be upset, okay?” 

This is more like it, Sherry thought with a pout but still felt a tightness in her chest. So

how do you plan to handle this situation now? It seems that Nora has become close 

friends with Mrs. Martin. They talk on the phone for a long time every night, and she 

wants to get her way through Mrs. Martin.” 

Trying through anyone is futile. In my family, my grandmother has the final say in my 

marriage,” Sniper said. I’ve already discussed our situation with my grandmother. In

few days, she’ll send someone to pick you up and meet you in person.” 

Sherry felt a little nervous. That’s so soon.” 

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Yes, the sooner, the better,Sniper said. Sophia has already lost the baby she was 

pregnant with. If we delay any longer, it might be difficult to handle, so it’s better to 

resolve the issue decisively.” 

Suddenly, Sherry became curious. Who is that guy with a foreign accent who had an 

affair with Sophia in the garden with your name?” 

UmAlthough Sniper didn’t answer directly, Sherry already had her own suspicion

After all, everyone who attended the family banquet that day brought their daughters

not their sons. Therefore, that guy with a foreign accent must be someone from the 

host’s family

Is he your cousin or something?” 

No,Sniper answered firmly. If I remember correctly, our gardener has a son who has 

been studying in the western continent, Elbonia. He just graduated today and came to 

visit his father a few days ago, so he is temporarily staying at our house.” 

Sherry remained silent

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Sherry, why aren’t you saying anything?” 

She lay on the bed. Your gardener is quite welloff. His son studying abroad must have 

cost a lot of money.” 

Sniper laughed. My father is a very generous person. The gardener has been diligently 

working in our house for a long time, even longer than me. My father appreciates his 

hard work, so he took care of his son’s study abroad arrangements and expenses. The 

gardener himself didn’t spend much money. But it seems that his son didn’t learn 

anything good abroad, as he has learned how to flirt with women everywhere.” 

Upon hearing this, Sherry let out a deep breath. Mr. Sniper, where are you now?” 

I’m still at home. What’s wrong?” 

Iwant to see you.” 

Alright.Hearing the tremor in her voice, he reassured her, I will come to you right 

away. Wait for me

Half an hour later, she spotted the familiar black SUV from the window and almost ran 

down the stairs before throwing herself into his familiar embrace

Lifting her, he held her in his arms and gently kissed her forehead. Do you miss me this 


Hugging his neck, she buried herself in his arms. Yes, exactly this much.” 

Why is my little kitten so clingy today?” 

Nora and Sophia probably didn’t have the time to care about her at the moment, so 

Sherry boldly embraced Sniper, feeling his longlost strength and warmth. His voice and 

scent all made her feel like she had found a place to settle her heart

Mr. Sniper…” 

Yes, I’m here.” 

I’m a little scared.” 

Sniper held her tightly as they got into the back seat of the car. Then, he placed her on 

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his lap and locked the car door. Now, it’s just the two of us. Will you tell me what you’re 

afraid of?” 

Licking her lips, she snuggled closer to him. I just witnessed Sophia having

miscarriage, and there was a large pool of blood on the floor.” 

Sniper already knew about this because his men had informed him, but he couldn’t stop 

himself from worrying when he heard Sherry say it out loud. Did Violet Patel do it?” 

Sherry shook her head. It’s not entirely Violet Patel’s fault. Nora and Sophia didn’t want 

anyone to know that she was pregnant, especially not your parents. So, they used 

Violet Patel to create a scene and forcefully caused the miscarriage. They threatened 

Violet Patel, warning her not to speak out, or else they would involve the police and 

expose it to the media, tarnishing the reputation of the Ford Group. Violet Patel couldn’t 

take the risk, so she had to bear the bitter consequences.Sherry briefly explained what 

happened just now, her voice growing quieter. I just feel thatlife is really fragile

especially the life of a child. I’m so afraid that one day, with just a small mistake, our 


It won’t happen, Sniper interjected, planting a tender kiss on her lips. Our child will be 

Chapter 202 | Guarantee With My Life 


born into a world of safety and serenity, flourishing with good health and boundless joy

I pledge my life to this promise.” 

Remarrying into Wealth By Bennett Snider Novel

Remarrying into Wealth By Bennett Snider Novel

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Remarrying into Wealth” by Bennett Snider is a captivating novel that explores the intricate dynamics of love, ambition, and societal expectations as characters navigate the complexities of remarriage, unveiling a world where relationships intertwine with wealth, creating a compelling narrative of romance and social intrigue.. Read Remarrying into Wealth By Bennett Snider

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Chapter 1 Fallopian Tube Obstruction “What did I say? It’s your problem that you can’t conceive! Now that the test results are out, let’s see what you have to say!” Sherry Wilson’s grip on the test report wavered. When she saw the words “Blocked Fallopian Tubes” inscribed on it, she felt a chill from head to toe. After four years of marriage to Malcolm Ford, she still couldn’t get pregnant. Her mother-in-law pointed at her, with a furious look, implying that she was about to devour her. People passing by glanced at her as if she were a joke, pointing and gossiping, adding to the chaos. Malcolm was the only son of the Ford family, and she understood her mother-in-law’s desire for a grandson. So she had silently endured it all this time. “Mom,” Sherry said patiently, “let’s go home and talk.” “That’s my home, not yours. Get it straight! I have never recognized you as a member of the Ford family. You’re not worthy!” Her mother-in-law’s words were venomous. Sherry closed her eyes, feeling helpless. “We are legally married, and we have a marriage certificate.” “I’m telling you, Sherry, divorce Malcolm immediately! You won’t get a penny of the Ford family’s wealth!” As more people gathered around her, the sweltering weather and their piercing stares made her feel even more humiliated. Sherry took a deep breath, feeling helpless and hopeless.


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