Taming The CEO The Escaping Wife Chapter 88

Taming The CEO The Escaping Wife Chapter 88

Chapter 88

Elgin’s mouth twitched. “What’s up?”

Was that the Letitia he knew? Has she lost her marbles?

“I miss you- What are you up to- I sent you messages and you didn’t reply, I’m upset!”

Elgin was speechless.

“Did you eat yet, huh? Want me to order something for you? Take care of yourself, don’t overwork, I won’t burn a hole in your wallet Letitia continued.

He remained silent.

“Babe, why aren’t you talking?”

Elgin cleared his throat softly… Can you act normal for once?”

What the hell was she doing?

The employees in the conference room were struggling to hold back their laughter, heads down, shoulders shaking, trying not to make a peep.

“I am being normal,” Letitia squeaked in a voice that didn’t sound anything like her usual tone, “You said you love me so much last night, babe- Now you think I’m being too clingy?

To be honest, Letitia was getting goosebumps herself. Fortunately, she couldn’t even recognize her own voice with that pitch,

so… She decided to go all in.

“You have to let me rest well tonight, honey- We have a lifetime ahead of us, let’s take it slow.”

Elgin was beyond speechless, Letitia had definitely lost it.

“Alright, I won’t bother you, wait for you to come home, muah, love you, honey!”

In the dead silence of the conference room, someone finally couldn’t hold back a loud cough to mask their laughter.

Elgin was still holding the phone to his ear. He had a hunch that Letitia was just messing with him. This little act was both childish and boring.

Elgin glanced around at the employees sitting below and said expressionlessly, “Let’s continue the meeting.

“Yes, Mr. Ramirez.

Letitia sat on the toilet, tapped her cheek.

Heavens, she had to pull out all the stops in her coquetry arsenal to say what she just did.

Good thing no one knows it’s her, otherwise she’d die of embarrassment.

She had no idea how Shela managed to talk like that without cringing!

Back at her desk, she heard a co-worker bubbling with excitement, “Hurry, check the group chat!”

“What’s up?” Letitia asked, Breaking news?”

“Big gossip!”

Curious, Letitia clicked into the staff chat-

[Holy smokes, that’s hilarious! During the meeting today, Mr. Ramirez took a call from Mrs. Ramirez, and her voice was sooo buttery!)

(Not just that, it was super sweet and soft! I couldn’t even handle it as a woman, let alone Mr. Ramirez!]

(So our stern-faced Mr. Ramirez actually likes that type behind closed doors. ]

His wife sure knows her stuff!]

Letitia shook her head.

Everyone’s imagining the story of a domineering CEO and his sweet wife.

Too bad the truth will disappoint them. She and Elgin were always at odds, like fire and water

reading the gossip in the chal, suddenly the admin chimed in, Oh no, Mr. Ramirez is asking to join the group chat, delete

Chapter 88


A second later, the group was disbanded.

Letitia hadn’t even processed what happened when Elgin’s message came through, [Having fun, Letitia?]

She replied with a smile, [Feels pretty good]

Elgin didn’t respond further, and she happily dove back into work

She had to admit, Vidonia’s idea, though kinda pointless, did lighten her mood.

She couldn’t actually do anything to Elgin, but it was nice to make him disgusting for once.

Back in his office, Elgin tossed his phone aside

Ranen tensed up. “Um, Mr Ramirez.

“Are all women this childish?”

“Uh,” Ranen scratched his head, Tm still single, so

Ranen was clueless about love, always busy with work alongside Elgin.

He’d seen the company chatter, no clue what the wife was up to

Elgin rubbed his temple, shifting the topic, Get the car. To the hospital.”

He didn’t have time to guess at these petty games. Since he was free, he might as well check on Shela. After all, she was carrying his child.

Shela lit up when Elgin arrived, Mr. Ramirez, you came to see me.”

Nothing beats having a kid, motherhood’s golden ticket! She must really try to get pregnant with Mr. Ramirez’s child for real!

“How are you feeling? Elgin asked nonchalantly.

Tm fine, don’t worry, she replied. “I’ll take good care of myself and the baby, focus on your work, don’t get sidetracked because of

Shela was now playing the gentle and considerate” card.

She figured, men fall for this every time.

“It’s tough being pregnant.” Elgin patted her shoulder, “Put the acting aside for now, focus on taking good care of yourself.”

Shela leaned into him, It’s not tough at all. It’s my blessing to bear your children. Actually when I found out I was pregnant, I was scared at first.


“Scared you wouldn’t want the baby…

Elgin frowned. That’s impossible.” Though his feelings for Shela had cooled since their first night, he’d take responsibility.

Shela beamed. That’s why I’m reassured now, I won’t bother you at all, I’ll behave and rest, don’t worry. As she spoke, she subtly signaled her nanny, Zina.

Zina jumped in, “Mr. Ramirez, Ms Ward here only brings good news, never bothers you. She was throwing up this morning, couldn’t eat a thing, and had low blood sugar at noon, had to get a glucose shot… poor thing.”

Shela pretended to hurry and stop her, Zina, didn’t I tell you not to mention these things in front of Mr. Ramirez!”

“Ms. Ward, I’m just worried about you.”

“Okay, now leave.” Shela said.

That move definitely worked, softening Elgin’s gaze. He sat down, looking into Shela’s eyes, I’ve been planning our future. It won’t be long before we can proceed.

Shela’s heart raced, “Can I know what your plans are, Mr. Ramirez?

For the sake of their child, Elgin wasn’t as repelled by Shela anymore

He said. Look, Letitia and I signed the divorce papers ages ago, and we’re just about a month away from the finish line. Once I’m

free man, I’m putting a ring on your finger

will the Ramirez clan be cool with that?”

Loo well that Hawley didn’t like her, and her own background didn’t meet the high-society standard

Chapter 88

Sure, Letitia might be the daughter of the Ramirez’s archenemy, but let’s face it, she’s got the whole package: brains, breeding. and a diploma from some fancy pants university

“You’re carrying the Ramirez bloodline, and Grandpa will have to give his blessing,” Elgin reassured her. I’ve got eyes only for you, so don’t worry. You’ve got nothing to worry about.”

if Letitia, knocked up and all, could get the old man to play nice and even make peace with the Sanders crew, then it would be

even easier for Shela.

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Read Taming The CEO The Escaping Wife

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Taming The CEO: The Escaping Wife" is a captivating novel that explores the complex dynamics between a powerful CEO and his wife, who seeks independence. The story delves into love, ambition, and the challenges of balancing personal desires with societal expectations in the corporate world.

Taming The CEO The Escaping Wife

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Letitia Sanders, it’s time for you to pay your family’s debts!” Driven by a vendetta sparked by his father’s murder, Elgin Ramirez had committed Letitia Sanders to the isolated depths of a mental institution, where she was subjected to an endless torrent of torment. Fast track two years, and in an unnerving twist of fate, he pronounced solemn vows at her side. His words were twisted by contempt, “This wedding veil is but another shroud of your penance.”   His disdain for her tainted all their interactions, turning their banal everyday into a cruel playground for his torment. However, Letitia stood resolute, persistently braving her torment while doggedly unraveling the truth to exonerate her family’s tarnished honor. Emboldened by unwavering resilience, her moment of triumph arrived. She hurled the incontrovertible evidence into Ramirez’s startled visage, resounding with stark defiance, “I’ve never, not even for an instant, owed you anything.”…


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