Taming The CEO The Escaping Wife Chapter 89

Taming The CEO The Escaping Wife Chapter 89

Chapter 89

“So…, Shela asked, “Can’t we just come clean to the Ramirez family now and tell them I’m pregnant? You and Letitia can get a divorce ahead of schedule!

“Not now.”

“Why not?”

Elgin answered, “There are still some things that need to be sorted out.”

Like, for instance, the baby Letitia’s carrying. That one was definitely not a keeper.

If she actually gave birth, what would that make him? A man who got cheated!

Shela wanted to ask more, but was afraid of upsetting Elgin, so she just nodded, “Okay, I’ll wait for you with the baby.”


“Actually, waiting isn’t what scares me. Shela tentatively said. “I’m afraid you might fall for Letitia.” As saying so, she eyed Elgin’s expression closely

That was Shela’s biggest worry. Because that night, the person who had really been with Elgin was Letitia. The one truly carrying the Ramirez family bloodline was also Letitia.

She feared that Elgin and Letitia might develop some uncontrollable feelings as they spent time together.

“I could never fall for her. Elgin said curtly. “It’s absolutely impossible.”

But was that statement for Shela’s benefit, or a reassurance for his own heart?

After spending half an hour with Shela, Elgin finally left. He knew exactly what he had to do next.

His marriage with Letitia had just over a month left… Once the divorce agreement took effect, they wouldn’t live under the same roof or share a bed anymore.

Nor would there be anyone who could so easily ignite his raging temper.

Elgin stepped out of the hospital just as Phedra was getting out of her car

She was there to pick up some test results, but she hadn’t expected to run into Elgin! That’s perfect!

“Elgin?” Phedra put on a surprised face. What a coincidence, I’ve got something to talk to you about.”

Elgin kept walking, Talk.”

*Remember | brought Letitia in for a prenatal checkup last time? The results are all in now, Phedra said, all smiles. “As the father, you should take an interest”

He flatly refused, “I’m busy”

“That won’t do, you know Your grandpa would be heartbroken if he knew about your attitude.”

Phedra deliberately brought up Hawley to pressure him.

She was sure that the results would be a spectacle-she was 100% certain of it

Otherwise, Letitia wouldn’t have sent someone to steal the test tubes in the middle of the night to tamper with the authenticity of the results!

So, she wanted to invite Elgin to witness the reveal with her, to see the look on his face when he finds out the kid isn’t his! Before Elgin could respond, Phedra was already dragging him into the hospital, “Come on, when the doctor gives some advice, you should hear it-you’re going to be a dad after all

Once they reached the doctor’s office, Phedra’s smile stretched from ear to ear

The show was about to start!

‘I’m here for the results,” Phedra said. “Doctor, you’ve been working so hard these past few days, staying late and all.”

She had been so eager to know the results, constantly urging the doctor to speed things up, and today it was finally happening

“Don’t mention it, Phedra. Just a moment, I’ll get the folder”


Elgin temained indifferent, hands in his trouser pockets.

Chapter 89

He was curious to see what Phedra was up to

She had previously made a big fuss about getting Letitia to the hospital for a checkup, and now she was dragging him here to get the results.

Phedra couldn’t sit still, her eyes following the doctor

Just then, Elgin’s phone rang.

Tll take this call outside, Elgin said, turning to leave.

Phedra nodded, “Okay, okay, just don’t go far.”

Once Elgin was gone, she immediately sidled up to the doctor, whispering, ‘Skip the rest, just tell me the paternity test results. Is the kid Elgin’s or not?”

“Just the test results?”

“Yes’ Spit it out!”

The doctor pushed his glasses up his nose. “According to a meticulous medical comparison, the child in Letitia’s belly is indeed Mr. Ramirez’s.

“What?!” Phedra was stunned. “Is there some mistake? Could something have gone wrong? That’s impossible! She couldn’t accept this outcome!

“It’s absolutely certain, the doctor replied. “You made it clear before, so I personally took care of it, there’s no mistake.”

Phedra was flabbergasted The child actually was Elgin’s!

Then why would someone try to steal the test tubes and sabotage the paternity test?

But the doctor was reliable, and she had hidden the real test tubes early on, there was no way for a mistake.

“How could this be Phedra murmured, ‘Why

The doctor started to say something else, but Elgin came back from his call.

Phedra quickly shook her head, signaling the doctor to keep quiet.

“So, what’s the result? Elgin looked at Phedra. “Well?”

“Uh… the doctor says everything is, is fine.

Elgin raised an eyebrow. That’s it?”

She made him come all this way just to hear everything is fine”?

“Ha ha, Elgin, the kid’s all good, isn’t that great news? Safe and sound. Phedra forced a laugh. “Did you want something to be wrong? The old man would be devastated”

“You went through all this trouble just for that?”

Phedra was at a loss for words.

If Elgin found out she had actually done a paternity test, he would surely be furious.

She was only the stepmother and couldn’t afford to offend him

Phedra waved her hands. “No, no, no, it’s just that the Ramirez family is finally welcoming a new life, and I want to fulfill my responsibilities, hoping for a healthy grandson.”

Elgin turned and left, thinking. “What a waste of time!”

Of course, the child was healthy. Letitia took great care in nurturing it, fearing any mishap, protecting it with her life. How could it not be fine?

As soon as Elgin left, Phedra’s face changed

She snatched the paternity report and read it meticulously, ending up with a resigned sigh

What in the world was going on. Something was off!

But the test results were right there in front of her, she had nothing to do but accept it.

Amph. Letitia, you’re one lucky woman! You actually bear his child!”

uming, so pissed that she tore the appraisal to shreds, and stormed out of the hospital with a gloomy face

spended over Ivory Towers, Elgin was in the study his gaze fixed on the divorce papers before him. They were all

Chapter 89

set, signatures in place. All he had to do now was wait for the right time to alert the lawyer and make the split official

He thought three months would be the perfect stretch, but he sure didn’t see it coming-Shela getting pregnant

There was a soft tread of footsteps outside, and Elgin called out, “Letitia, come in.”

The door swung open.

“What’s up?” Letitia was still in her work get-up. Tve been working overtime till now, you can check if you don’t believe me.”

She was just passing by when Elgin suddenly summoned her in.

Today, the tests Phedra ran for you came back, Elgin began, “Did she mention it to you?”

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Letitia Sanders, it’s time for you to pay your family’s debts!” Driven by a vendetta sparked by his father’s murder, Elgin Ramirez had committed Letitia Sanders to the isolated depths of a mental institution, where she was subjected to an endless torrent of torment. Fast track two years, and in an unnerving twist of fate, he pronounced solemn vows at her side. His words were twisted by contempt, “This wedding veil is but another shroud of your penance.”   His disdain for her tainted all their interactions, turning their banal everyday into a cruel playground for his torment. However, Letitia stood resolute, persistently braving her torment while doggedly unraveling the truth to exonerate her family’s tarnished honor. Emboldened by unwavering resilience, her moment of triumph arrived. She hurled the incontrovertible evidence into Ramirez’s startled visage, resounding with stark defiance, “I’ve never, not even for an instant, owed you anything.”…


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