Taming The CEO The Escaping Wife Chapter 90

Taming The CEO The Escaping Wife Chapter 90

Chapter 90

Letitia felt her heart sink

Even though she knew Vidonia was stirring up trouble, she couldn’t shake the feeling of unease.

“She didn’t mention it,” Letitia said, her hands nervously clasped together, “did she tell you?”


She got even more anxious, “What did she say?”

Elgin looked into her eyes, “All good.”

“Anything else?”

“What else?”

Letitia breathed a sigh of relief, “Nothing. I’m just worried about the baby’s health”

If Phedra found out the kid wasn’t Elgin’s, all hell would break loose, and the current situation would be totally screwed up! And she definitely wouldn’t be able to keep the kid!

Elgin leaned back on his chair, saying, “Well, you sure are getting checkups for the little bastard like clockwork. Speaking of which, I should arrange a full prenatal checkup for Shela.”

“Oh, hope you have a bouncing baby soon.” Letitia couldn’t care less, Anything else?”

She had worked all day, dead tired, just wanting to take a bath and hit the hay.

“Yeah Elgin raised an eyebrow, Tomorrow morning, Neil will be at my office. You need to be there

“Why? Didn’t you say I seduced him?”

“Just be there!


As Letitia was about to leave, she caught a glimpse of the divorce papers on his desk.

She tried asking, “How about. we get the divorce over with ASAP?”

Who knew Elgin’s face would instantly darken, You don’t call the shots!”

She smirked, “Then let’s stick to the timeline in the agreement, it’s almost time anyway”

Before she closed the study door, she added, “You should chill out. Getting worked up like that will age you quick, might even kick-start menopause

Elgin’s gaze turned icy in a flash, but Letitia was already long gone.

The next day, as soon as she arrived at the company, Ranen summoned her to the president’s office.

Before long, Neil arrived.

When he saw Letitia, he was a bit surprised, then smiled warmly, “Ms Sanders, nice to see you again.

Neil greeted her first instead of Elgin

This made Letitia feel a little flattered and she quickly responded, “Hello, Mr Thompson

Tve been looking over your designs these past few days, I understand you’ve been quite outstanding since your college days.”

Thank you for the recognition, Mr. Thompson

Neil looked at Elgin, “Mr. Ramirez, you’re lucky to have such an employee. Makes me jealous”

Elgin raised an eyebrow, “You seem quite interested in her.

“For some reason, she feels so familiar, Neil said, “like an old friend I’ve known for ages, I wish we’ve met sooner

course, it’s just a feeling Neil replied, I’ve never met Ms Sanders before.

Letitia nodded along. “Right, right

snorted softly, ordering “What are you doing? Go make Mr. Thompson some tea.”

Tight away

Chapter 90

This was usually the kind of task for a secretary, but today Elgin specifically wanted her to do it.

Just to belittle her in front of Neil, huh?

She had to be extra careful now, toe the line and avoid any slip-ups!

But things never goes her way – as Letitia handed the tea to Elgin, her hand shook uncontrollably, spilling tea on his trousers.

I’m so sorry, Mr. Ramirez! She immediately apologized

Elgin looked at her with a cool gaze, “What kind of work is this?”

“TII take care of it right away.

Letitia pulled out a tissue, ready to wipe it off.

“Mr. Ramirez, it’s just a small mistake, Neil said, “Besides, Ms. Sanders is a designer, this isn’t really her job”

Elgin scoffed, “This is exactly the kind of job she’s suited for!”

Letitia bit her lip, crouching in front of him, focused on cleaning the tea stain, cursing herself for not being steady.

Elgin’s gaze stayed high, she looked up to meet his eyes, and noticed he glanced at her knee.

She got it. Crouching wasn’t enough. She had to kneel.

No choice, when you’re under someone’s roof, you’ve got to bow your head. Letitia did as she had to.

Neil was taken aback. “She”

“It’s okay” Letitia said. Tve disturbed you both, I’ll go make another cup of tea”

Elgin’s voice was cold, “You can’t even handle this small task, get out, don’t come back!


Anyway, he had achieved his goal of humiliating her in front of Neil, so naturally, he didn’t want to see her anymore.

Neil looked at Letitia, hesitating.

“Mr. Thompson need not pity her,” Elgin said with a light smile, this woman is far from as simple as she appears

Neil didn’t say anything more, and they started discussing work.

But after leaving the Ramirez Group, he told his assistant, From now on, if Letti comes looking for me, welcome her with

respect, no need to report

“Yes, Mr. Thompson Why are you so kind to Ms Sanders?

Neil just smiled, “Seems like she’s got it rough. Consider it a good deed”

But the real reason, only he knew.

Letitia stood by the window, watching Neil get into his car, her mind full of questions.

What exactly did Nell find so appealing about her?

She touched her face, was it because she looked a lot like an old friend of his?

“Ding” went her phone, it was an email from abroad

Letitia clicked on the email which read (I’m now close to the Ramirez family’s second son, we’ve become friends. In time, I’ll probe for the truth. There’s no rush, no need to worry Take care and wait patiently for me to return. Delete this email after reading.]

It was Walden.

Even though he wasn’t in AquaCity, his heart was always there.

He hadn’t forgotten her, he was doing everything he could to help her.

Reading the email, Letitia felt a surge of warmth.

Though the road was long and tough, the light and the exit were nowhere in sight yet, but someday, she would reach the end

With tears in her eyes, Letitia deleted the email, leaving no trace

alone in this fight Suddenly, she wasn’t afraid anymore.

up working fate again and didn’t get home until the evening.

As soon as the stepped into the living room, she spotted Shela!

The table was chock-full of health supplements, desserts, tea, you name it, and there was Shela, lounging like she owned the place, all snooty, cuddling up to Elgin’s arm.

Look who’s back, Shela said. “Just in time. I can’t possibly finish all these on my own. Help yourself”

If I’m not mistaken, these are mine.”

Yours?” Shela giggled behind her hand. “Mr. Ramirez, she claims they’re hers, Oops, looks like I’ve been munching on her goodies.”

Elgin shot back with a cool question, “Letitia, what exactly do you call yours’ in the whole Ivory Towers?”

She had nothing. She arrived alone, and she would depart alone too

They were a gift from Mr. Hawley, Letitia replied.

“A gift for someone carrying the Ramirez family blood, Elgin retorted. “And what are you, exactly?”


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Read Taming The CEO The Escaping Wife

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Taming The CEO: The Escaping Wife" is a captivating novel that explores the complex dynamics between a powerful CEO and his wife, who seeks independence. The story delves into love, ambition, and the challenges of balancing personal desires with societal expectations in the corporate world.

Taming The CEO The Escaping Wife

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Letitia Sanders, it’s time for you to pay your family’s debts!” Driven by a vendetta sparked by his father’s murder, Elgin Ramirez had committed Letitia Sanders to the isolated depths of a mental institution, where she was subjected to an endless torrent of torment. Fast track two years, and in an unnerving twist of fate, he pronounced solemn vows at her side. His words were twisted by contempt, “This wedding veil is but another shroud of your penance.”   His disdain for her tainted all their interactions, turning their banal everyday into a cruel playground for his torment. However, Letitia stood resolute, persistently braving her torment while doggedly unraveling the truth to exonerate her family’s tarnished honor. Emboldened by unwavering resilience, her moment of triumph arrived. She hurled the incontrovertible evidence into Ramirez’s startled visage, resounding with stark defiance, “I’ve never, not even for an instant, owed you anything.”…


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