The Heiress’ Return & Revenge Chapter 375

The Heiress’ Return & Revenge Chapter 375

Chapter 375 How Dare She Be So Arrogant and Despotic?

Many were already questioning and disbelieving the public statement released by the geomancy association.

Simone’s Facebook post was immediately shared by Zac, the top star.

Of course, he only shared the first half of the post.

Several people who had a good relationship with Simone also shared her Facebook post.

This time, even Aaron and Leon followed suit and shared it.

As a result, the popularity skyrocketed and quickly became the top trending topic.

Since the matter involved unethical actions, many who weren’t fans of theirs also joined in the ‘skepticism.

They even strongly demanded that the geomancy association provide an explanation, criticizing that their previous investigation seemed like it was just to protect Jodie and agreeing with Simone that this was such a foul move.

In fact, many went to the geomancy association’s official Facebook page and bombarded it with their questions.

Of course, the busybody keyboard warriors couldn’t sit still and watch when they encountered such a situation of attacking the official Facebook page. Hence, they all joined

Meanwhile, in the geomancy association’s office, the person in charge of managing the official Facebook page was extremely troubled because of Simone’s actions.

At once, they reported it to their superior.

In fact, not only the netizens but even they didn’t believe it either.

After all, if ordinary individuals were so easy to control, these geomancy masters must be incredibly powerful.

Moreover, everyone in the geomancy association knew each othe

They were aware that Master Gordon’s strength was only average. Hence, he couldn’t have the skills to drain one’s luck continuously.

Still, the response they received from the higher-ups shortly afterward was to ignore the public criticism, continue with the previous judgment, and counterattack Simone’s Facebook




Either way, the netizens would no longer make a fuss about this matter once the topic’s popularity faded.

For that reason, the person in charge of managing the Facebook page could only follow the instructions from the higher-ups and post another Facebook update.

According to the statement in the post, the geomancy association had investigated the whole situation and requested a certain celebrity to put aside their personal grievances and not create a disturbance.

Anyone with a brain could tell from this Facebook post that it was directed at Simone.

Based on the geomancy association’s statement, Simone intentionally posted a provocative Facebook update because she and Jodie had a grudge.

Simone wasn’t surprised.

At the same time, she became even more certain that Jodie’s backer held immense authority in the geomancy association.

He can even order the geomancy association to suppress the situation and distort the truth.

However, Simone was not afraid. So, she continued to fight back.

Simonev: I am a geomancy master. I certainly didn’t discover a certain someone was being controlled by a curse throughout the three episodes of the variety shows. I stand by my words. If I am indeed trying to create a disturbance due to personal grievances, I will be punished by God through a lightning strike and meet a miserable end. So, dear Jodie’s protector, do you dare to come forward and post such a Facebook update? Are you trying to hoodwink the public?

As soon as she published this Facebook post, Zac and others immediately shared it again.

The vows of a geomancy master, whether spoken or written, were bound by heaven’s laws.

If they violated these vows, they would truly be punished by God.

That was why Simone was certain that the cautious old man wouldn’t dare.

Afterward, their fans and curious onlookers asked on the geomancy association’s official Facebook page if they dared to make a vow.

Once again, the person managing the Facebook page swiftly reported this situation.

The higher-ups simply asked him to solve it himself and made no further response.


Obviously, they didn’t dare to let him make a public statement with a vow.

The handler could only pull himself together and post an update. “The geomancy association is only responsible for looking into the results. We cannot possibly clarify every matter with vows. Please do not confuse the facts.’

As soon as everyone saw this update, they mocked them, saying that Simone dared to make such a vow, but someone from the geomancy association didn’t.

They even added that it was simply a display of guilt.

At the same time, many geomancy masters couldn’t help but admire Simone’s courage.

This girl actually challenges the entire geomancy association on her own. How impressive!

One after another, those who doubted the statement saying Jodie was being controlled and those who disliked Master Gordon became Simone’s grandpa fans and grandma fans.

Then, whether they were skeptics or simply seeking attention, they all started recording various videos.

They pushed the geomancy association to the forefront of public opinion.

When the old man learned of this news, he was so angry that he wanted to kill Simone right away.

How dare she be so arrogant and despotic?! She actually uses public opinion to confront me head-on.

So, that brat has tasted victory after repeatedly disrupting my plans and causing Jodie, as well as me, to suffer from a backlash?

At this moment, the old man’s eldest disciple, Jonas, was also in the room.

He respectfully asked, “Sir, should we handle this matter? The public opinion is so heated I wonder if the higher-ups will be alarmed and ask someone to investigate us.”


Upon hearing that, the old man sneered, “Let them be alarmed. Am I supposed to be afraid? Since Simone claims I have the power to hoodwink the public, I will show her just that. Continue to clear Jodie’s name and retrieve all the resources she lost due to her recent tarnished reputation.”

Narrowing his eyes, he added, “Especially the fantasy drama series she filmed with Simone. We must retrieve it.”

I don’t care about these commotion-causing netizens at all.

The geomancy association has stood strong for so many years. It can’t be shaken by mere public opinion.


If they want to criticize the association, so be it. No matter what, I definitely won’t make a vow.

Otherwise, I will truly be punished by God through a lightning strike once heaven’s laws discover all the things I have done through loopholes and tricks over the years.

As for the higher-ups, they can go ahead with their investigation if they want to.

After all, I had set up the trap over twenty years ago. If things were to go south, I would make the pawns I had discarded take the blame.

By the time they investigate Jodie, we will insist that they can’t find a trace of the curse on her because we have lifted it.

With that statement, the higher-ups can’t do anything about it. Thinking of this, he sneered again, “Since Simone wants to quit the geomancy association, let her quit. Just announce her expulsion directly.”

Jonas didn’t expect his master to handle the matter this way.

Isn’t this blatantly telling everyone there is a problem with the geomancy association and we are intentionally protecting Jodie?

For some reason, he always felt that Simone still had a trick up her sleeve to deal with his


In his view, public opinion was just a way to provoke a response.

However, he dared not say it out loud. Otherwise, he would be regarded as questioning his master’s decision.

Therefore, he could only lower his head and say: “Yes!” Then, he asked the association to post another update on Facebook, directly expelling Simone from the geomancy association.

Nevertheless, this move was a bit foul.

After all, Simone voluntarily quit. Yet, they conversely announced that she was expelled.

It felt like they had no choice but to salvage their reputation by force. Jonas could foresee they would definitely get ridiculed.

Indeed, almost the entire internet mocked them as soon as this Facebook post came out.

They laughed at their act of expelling her to salvage their reputation, saying that it was even more embarrassing when Simone herself had already quit in the first place.

To them, it appeared to be more like an act of desperation and anger following a sense of guilt.




Netizens persistently demanded more evidence from the

geomancy association.

They wanted proof that Jodie was truly under Master Gordon’s control.

Unless they witnessed the process of lifting the curse live, they wouldn’t believe it.

Upon learning this, the old man decided to completely ignore it.

Do these people honestly think they deserve to witness it live? Moreover, there is no actual process of removing the curse, so how can we livestream it?

As a result, the geomancy association’s Facebook page stopped updating, feigning inactivity.

This also resulted in a significant decline in reputation and credibility.

It also prompted doubts among some masters in the association, who were unproblematic and had long been disgusted with certain geomancy practices.

Of course, numerous masters criticized Simone, believing she was too arrogant and causing unnecessary trouble.

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