The Indifferent Ex-Husband Heartstrings in the Mall of Fate Chapter 129

The Indifferent Ex-Husband Heartstrings in the Mall of Fate Chapter 129

Chapter 129

Sophia pursed her lips slightly, choosing not to speak.

After a while, Brandon heard a soft apology from her. “Sorry.”

“There’s no need to apologize,” Brandon said, looking at her. “You’re the one who has to go through childbirth, you have every right to make decisions. I just thought…”

He chuckled, letting the sentence trail off.

Sophia didn’t pick up the conversation, her hand fidgeting with the bedsheet, hesitating and conflicted, without looking at Brandon.

Brandon stuffed the hospital summary back into her bag and helped her get her phone out, handing it to her.


Sophia whispered her thanks.

Brandon let out a sigh, looking at her. “I’ll go grab some dinner for you, what are you in the mood for?”

“I’m easy,” Sophia replied softly, hesitating again as she looked at him, “Or you can go do your thing first. I’m feeling a lot better now. I can manage on my own.”

She then added, “Really, thank you for today.”

She was genuinely grateful and touched.

Especially in those woozy, awfully uncomfortable moments, Brandon’s sudden appearance was like a burst of relief. The moment she saw him, Sophia felt a lump in her throat and wanted to cry. All her discomfort and worries seemed to vanish, replaced by a sense of peace.

She didn’t know what she would have done if Brandon hadn’t been there.

But with Brandon’s presence, Sophia felt an overwhelming sense of calm.

Brandon always had a way of making people feel incredibly safe.

However, this gratitude only seemed to feed a growing sense of guilt inside her.

Sophia was a bit at a loss about how to face Brandon.

But Brandon didn’t leave. To her thanks, he simply responded with a nonchalant “No worries.”

“I’ll go get your food. Rest up and don’t wander off,” he said, his voice as calm as ever.

Sophia nodded gently, “Okay.”

Brandon left, closing the door of the hospital room behind him.

Sophia listened to his footsteps fading away, remaining seated on the bed without moving.

She was in a private room, which was very quiet.

The silence seemed to press down on her conflicted emotions even more.

Looking at the little girl’s clothes on the bed, recalling Brandon’s surprised look when he saw the hospital summary, her heart ached terribly.

She hadn’t intended for Brandon to see that document.

She didn’t want to deceive Brandon.

Last night, when Brandon declined to connect on social media, she had breathed a sigh of relief.

But she hadn’t expected.

Sophia picked up the little girl’s clothes, gripping it tightly in her hands as tears began to fall uncontrollably, filling her with immense discomfort.

Sophia hated how easily she cried, especially around Brandon-it seemed like her emotions were always on a rollercoaster.

One moment panicky and confused, the next overwhelmed by guilt, or feeling lost and self-loathing. She just couldn’t maintain the peace of mind she’d had over the past two years.

Knowing Brandon would be back soon, Sophia hadn’t allowed herself to wallow in her negative emotions for too long, but her eyes were still visibly swollen from crying.


As soon as Brandon opened the door, he noticed the redness in her eyes. He paused for a moment, his eyes locking onto hers.

Sophia felt awkward. “I accidentally pressed on my arm wound just now, it hurt a lot.”

Her voice trailed off, subdued, and she didn’t dare look at Brandon.

Brandon glanced at her bandaged arm but didn’t call her out. Instead, he gently asked, “Does it still hurt?”

Sophia shook her head slightly, “It’s fine now.”

Her gaze shifted to the food containers he placed on the table. “What did you get?”

“Just salad and sandwiches,” Brandon said, unpacking the food and setting up the fork. He glanced at her still-bandaged right hand, pulled over a chair with the tip of his foot, sat down in front of the hospital bed, balanced the food container in one hand, and with the fork in the other, began to offer her bites of the meal.

Sophia didn’t know what to say.

“I can do it myself,” she said softly, reaching out to take the utensils.

Brandon deftly avoided her approaching left hand with a flick of his wrist.

“How are you going to eat with one hand?” he asked, bringing the food to her mouth again, “Open up.”

Read The Indifferent Ex-Husband Heartstrings in the Mall of Fate

Read The Indifferent Ex-Husband Heartstrings in the Mall of Fate

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The Indifferent Ex-Husband Heartstrings in the Mall of Fate Novel" refers to a literary concept encapsulating the emotional detachment and complexities surrounding a former spouse's feelings within the narrative setting of a shopping mall symbolic of fate and destiny.  

The Indifferent Ex-Husband Heartstrings in the Mall of Fate

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Title: Read The Indifferent Ex-Husband Heartstrings in the Mall of Fate
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Read The Indifferent Ex-Husband Heartstrings in the Mall of Fate/Review Sophia has had a crush on Brandon since high school. However, at that time, there’s an insurmountable gap between Brandon, a God’s favored one, and Sophia, just an inconspicuous transfer student. Years later, a class reunion brought them together again. Although the two sat next to each other, there was hardly any communication between them during the party. As the party concluded, he offered to give her a ride home. That night, things took an unexpected turn, and they ended up in a passionate encounter under the influence of alcohol. Later, she found herself pregnant. When he asked if she was willing to get married, she agreed. There was no wedding, no blessings-their married life was mundane and dull, resembling more of a cohabitation without love. Only in bed could she feel his passion. Eventually, on an ordinary night, after their intimacy, Sophia stated evenly,“Brandon, let’s get a divorce.” …


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