The Indifferent Ex-Husband Heartstrings in the Mall of Fate Chapter 130

The Indifferent Ex-Husband Heartstrings in the Mall of Fate Chapter 130

Chapter 130

Sophia hesitated, giving him a glance, finding it hard to open up.

During those two years when she and Brandon were an item, they never did the whole feeding each other thing, let alone now.

But Brandon was the epitome of patience, cradling the lunchbox in one hand and wielding the utensils in the other, tilting his head and watching her silently, not rushing her. Yet, his gaze was so intense it was giving Sophia a mental workout. She reluctantly opened up in the end..

Once she took the first bite, the second was easier.

Brandon acted like it was no biggie, not the least bit uncomfortable.

Sophia, on the other hand, was a bundle of nerves.

Between the blood loss and not having eaten all day, she was already running on fumes, starving, but being hand-fed by Brandon was a pressure cooker, and after nibbling a bit to line her stomach, she couldn’t really stomach any more.

“I’m full,” she murmured.

Brandon glanced at the half-eaten meal and didn’t push her, just looked at her calmly and said, “Sophia, you’re scared of being a bother, but do you even have anyone else to bother?”

Sophia pursed her lips and kept mum.

She really didn’t.

Her social circle was pitifully small, and the only one gutsy enough to ask for help to come to the hospital was Susan, but she wasn’t in the West district now.

At home, the only one willing to care for her was Haley, but Haley was in need of care himself, so that was out of the question. She didn’t want to worry him either.

“I could hire a nurse,” Sophia spoke softly, looking at Brandon, “It’s not that serious, just needs a few days to heal.”

“What counts as serious? Missing an arm or a leg?”

Sophia didn’t dare to continue the conversation.

Brandon fed her another spoonful, and only after she ate did his expression soften slightly.

“How did you get hurt?” Brandon asked.

“Just rotten luck, passing by when the sign decided to take a dive,” Sophia said, a bit embarrassed. She was just out shopping, who’d have thought she’d win the unlucky lottery.

Imagining the scenario, Brandon smiled slightly. “Talk about a stroke of bad luck.”

Sophia nodded in agreement, looking a bit down.

She was supposed to head back tomorrow, but this unfortunate incident meant rescheduling her flight.

“Why were you over there?” Brandon inquired.

“Haven’t been back in two years, wanted to stroll through the old alleys, pick up some gifts and stuff.”

Remembering her mentioning buying a ticket back to Wye City for tomorrow, Brandon paused and looked at her. “Are you leaving tomorrow?”

Sophia nodded gently. “I had the ticket, but now.”

She glanced at the wound on her right arm. “Might have to wait a couple more days, let the wound heal a bit first.”

Brandon nodded. “So you’ve really decided to give up?”

Sophia knew he was referring to the resort project and the offer to join Star Dempsey Architects as the design director. Sophia’s mouth opened but she wasn’t sure how to respond, still undecided.

But she definitely had to make a trip back to Wye City.

This trip was a rush, and she hadn’t settled things there; her belongings and life were still there.

Brandon didn’t push further, and the atmosphere, which was somewhat relaxed, grew heavy again.

Sophia also fell silent for a while before looking at him and asking, “Brandon, do you think we can still be friends?”


“We can’t,” Brandon replied, his tone calm and decisive, his eyes fixed on her.

Sophia forced a smile. “I don’t think we can either.”

Brandon just looked at her, saying nothing.

“Actually, you’re right, I really like this project. I love the traditional Zenithan style, and I’ve always wanted to independently design a building in that style, but because of my lack of experience, I never got the chance, no one trusted me enough.” Sophia said, looking at him, “Brandon, I’m really grateful for the opportunity you gave me.”

“You don’t have to thank me, I didn’t know it was your design when the project was approved.”

Sophia wasn’t sure if Brandon was encouraging her or stating the facts, but she was truly thankful.

“Thank you,” she said quietly.

Brandon watched her without moving. “So are you still considering giving up?”

“I don’t know.” Sophia admitted honestly, “I haven’t thought it through yet.”

Brandon nodded and said no more, looking down at the now cold lunchbox. Seeing Sophia had lost her appetite, he didn’t insist, closed the lunchbox, and got up.

Just then, Sophia’s phone rang.

She picked it up reflexively.

Brandon glanced at the phone, and when he saw the name “Ivan,” his movement with the lunchbox paused briefly before he looked at Sophia.

Sophia had already pressed the answer button and brought the phone to her ear.

“Hello?” Her voice was soft and gentle.

Brandon wasn’t sure if this was her usual tone or if it was reserved for Ivan.

He remembered the guy. Patricia had bumped into them at the airport once, heading out of the country together, and had sent him a photo.

In the photo, the way this man looked at Sophia was attentive and affectionate, almost sickly sweet.

But as far as Brandon knew, Ivan had been just a casual friend to Sophia these past

And Sophia had been focused on her studies.

‘wo years, nothing more.

“I heard you’re in the West district too, got time for a meal?” The voice on the other end was cool and restrained, not like Don or Kent, who would be brimming with enthusiasm.

Sophia hadn’t put it on speaker, but the quiet single room and their proximity meant Brandon could clearly hear what was being said on the other end.

He looked at Sophia.

Sophia’s expression was somewhat apologetic. “I might not be able to make it the next couple of days.”

“What happened?” Ivan on the phone was just as sharp, “Something wrong?”

“It’s nothing.” Sophia wasn’t good at lying, “Just had a bit of an accident today, not really up for going out.”

“What’s the emergency? Serious?” Ivan’s voice came through the phone with a hint of a frown, “Have you seen a doctor? Where are you at? I’ll come find you.”

“No need.” Sophia quickly intervened, “Already saw a doc, it’s all good.”

“No worries, I actually needed to talk to you anyway. Shoot me your location.”

Sophia hesitated and glanced at Brandon. “What’s up?”

“We’ll talk when I see you. Where you at?”

“I’m at the hospital right now, it’s really not convenient.” Sophia spoke softly, “Whatever it is, we can chat on WhatsApp.”

But Ivan on the other end was already on the move. “You’re still at the hospital? You got admitted?”

Sophia found it hard to fend off such a perceptive guy and gave a dry laugh, nodding, “Yeah.”

“Which hospital?”

“You really don’t have to come over, I’m fine here.”


“Susan called me just this morning, said you’re here all by yourself with no family or friends, asked me to look after you.”

Sophia was speechless.

“Just rest for a bit, I’ll give you a call when I get there.” Ivan said and hung up, not insisting on getting the hospital address from


He didn’t need to get it from her; getting it from Susan would suffice.

Sophia let out a sigh and turned to Brandon. “Maybe you should head back?”

Brandon looked back at her. “And then what, let him take care of you?”

Sophia didn’t know what to say.

Read The Indifferent Ex-Husband Heartstrings in the Mall of Fate

Read The Indifferent Ex-Husband Heartstrings in the Mall of Fate

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The Indifferent Ex-Husband Heartstrings in the Mall of Fate Novel" refers to a literary concept encapsulating the emotional detachment and complexities surrounding a former spouse's feelings within the narrative setting of a shopping mall symbolic of fate and destiny.  

The Indifferent Ex-Husband Heartstrings in the Mall of Fate

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Read The Indifferent Ex-Husband Heartstrings in the Mall of Fate/Review Sophia has had a crush on Brandon since high school. However, at that time, there’s an insurmountable gap between Brandon, a God’s favored one, and Sophia, just an inconspicuous transfer student. Years later, a class reunion brought them together again. Although the two sat next to each other, there was hardly any communication between them during the party. As the party concluded, he offered to give her a ride home. That night, things took an unexpected turn, and they ended up in a passionate encounter under the influence of alcohol. Later, she found herself pregnant. When he asked if she was willing to get married, she agreed. There was no wedding, no blessings-their married life was mundane and dull, resembling more of a cohabitation without love. Only in bed could she feel his passion. Eventually, on an ordinary night, after their intimacy, Sophia stated evenly,“Brandon, let’s get a divorce.” …


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